10 questions with Expeditionportal.com

Expedition Portal is the worlds foremost Expedition Site. Clay answers 10 questions in regards to the new upcoming season! www.expeditionportal.com

This Truck is ready for Alaska!

Rhonda Cahill crossing her first creek in the Expedition Overland X1 Tacoma.

Toppers, guns, and drawers! Tacoma thread update.

Expedition Overland has updated the thread with our Topper install, the outback Solutions drawer systems, Masterpull suplerline XD winch cable, and Big Sky Racks in the topper and cab. Take a look! www.expeditionportal.com

ARB Bumper and WARN 9.5 XP install

Check out the link below to our ExpeditionPortal.com thread on the tacoma. We just installed the brand new ARB bull guard on the Tacoma!. Complete with WARN 9.5 XP and Masterpull synthetic line. www.expeditionportal.com

Tacoma “Slow mo” thread video.

Build Forum

Want to follow our build forum? We are happy to partner with Expedition Portal for the latest updates with our 2013 Toyota Tacoma Build. Expedition Overland 2013 Tacoma Build

Meal Planning / Cooking

Hi All! This Rhonda Cahill...new member of the XO crew and very much looking forward to Alaska. My job with the team will be meal planning/ cooking for the crew. I would LOVE any recipes/meal ideas that any of you have enjoyed preparing on your overlanding expeditions.

Awesome Arrived

Awesome arrived this morning. Time to get to work!

New Gears and Lockers

The 100 Series is receiving new 4:88 Nitro Gears and ARB airlockers at JustDifferentials.com in Washington.