Scott Brady


Scott Brady is an adventure traveler, photographer, and publisher. He is the CEO of Overland International, parent company of Overland Journal magazine and, the world’s largest and most visited vehicle-dependent expedition community and overlanding editorial resource. Because of the large audiences to these outlets (over 1 million visitors monthly), Scott is often [...]

Scott Brady2022-08-29T16:44:53-06:00

John Brothers


John is the PR Representative for REDARC Electronics in the United States. Based in Durango, Colorado, he is a dedicated weekend warrior. When not driving a desk, he is exploring the deserts around Moab and rock climbing as much as possible. Follow REDARC on Instagram: @redarc_usa

John Brothers2022-08-23T18:51:04-06:00

Richard Giordano


After leaving a ten-year career as a Mechanical Engineering Technologist, Richard completed a 48,800-kilometer overland journey from Vancouver, Canada to Ushuaia, Argentina with his wife Ashley in their well-loved but charmingly antiquated 1990 Toyota Pickup. That trip catapulted Richard into a career as a freelance video producer, photographer, and writer. He has created [...]

Richard Giordano2022-08-23T10:02:25-06:00

Matt Hopkins


Matt Hopkins is a member of the Gallatin County Search and Rescue team as well as a local overland enthusiast. He has been with the team since 2016 and has worked on many rescues in that time and even a few calls alongside Clay himself. Clay and Matt met through a late mutual [...]

Matt Hopkins2022-07-26T21:33:11-06:00

Caroline van Stralen


The daughter of Peter and Carol van Stralen of Epic Family Road Trip, Caroline van Stralen has been raised overlanding, living a life of adventure travel with her family for over seven contiguous years. As lead editor of her family’s popular YouTube series, Caroline has greatly contributed to the inspiration and success of [...]

Caroline van Stralen2022-08-09T15:47:07-06:00

Megan Walthall of Expedition Overland’s Walthall Family Solo Series


Megan Walthall is an island girl who found her calling deep in the mountains. She and her husband, Bryan, took their three young children on a 3-month overlanding adventure in the Pacific Northwest, during Covid, which was documented via the Solo series. Not really knowing what each day would hold, the trip provided [...]

Megan Walthall of Expedition Overland’s Walthall Family Solo Series2023-01-24T20:31:09-07:00

Ashley Giordano


Ashley Giordano completed a 48,800-kilometer overland journey from Canada to Argentina with her husband, Richard. On the zig-zag route south, she hiked craggy peaks in the Andes, discovered diverse cultures in 15 different countries, and filled her tummy with spicy ceviche, Baja fish tacos, and Argentinian malbec. As Senior Editor at Overland Journal, [...]

Ashley Giordano2022-08-23T10:02:51-06:00

Dan van Stralen


The youngest of the three van Stralen children, like his older siblings Pete Jr. and sister, Caroline, Dan has grown up overlanding the world with his family. While growing up, like Pete, Dan has harbored a desire to overland by motorcycle. Now he and his brother have started on that journey.  Follow Dan [...]

Dan van Stralen2022-07-05T09:52:18-06:00

Peter van Stralen (“Pete Jr.”)


The eldest son of Peter and Carol van Stralen of the popular YouTube series, Epic Family Road Trip, Pete recently joined the X Overland team as a videographer and talent for our newest series, Alaska: The Last Frontier. Pete has literally grown up overlanding around the globe with his family. He and his [...]

Peter van Stralen (“Pete Jr.”)2022-06-28T16:36:48-06:00

Tanner Johnson


Tanner joined X Overland in 2019. With a background in wildlife photography and a passion for mechanics and all things overlanding, Tanner is a perfect fit for the team. Along with managing our large fleet of vehicles, Tanner also fulfills the roles of cinematographer and photographer and also serves as talent in a [...]

Tanner Johnson2022-12-10T11:17:49-07:00