Peter van Stralen (“Pete Jr.”)


The eldest son of Peter and Carol van Stralen of the popular YouTube series, Epic Family Road Trip, Pete recently joined the X Overland team as a videographer and talent for our newest series, Alaska: The Last Frontier. Pete has literally grown up overlanding around the globe with his family. He and his [...]

Peter van Stralen (“Pete Jr.”)2022-06-28T16:36:48-06:00

Tanner Johnson


Tanner joined X Overland in 2019. With a background in wildlife photography and a passion for mechanics and all things overlanding, Tanner is a perfect fit for the team. Along with managing our large fleet of vehicles, Tanner also fulfills the roles of cinematographer and photographer and also serves as talent in a [...]

Tanner Johnson2022-12-10T11:17:49-07:00

Mike Pfeiffer


Mike is an outdoor enthusiast based in Colorado. He loves packing up his truck and heading deep into the Rockies in the weekends. He's passionate about being prepared for anything life might throw at him. You can follow his adventures on YouTube by searching Last Line of Defense, or on Instagram @lastlineofdefense Follow [...]

Mike Pfeiffer2022-06-14T16:35:40-06:00

Jillian Rebekah


Jillian Rebekah is an avid off-road adventurer, amateur chef, and accomplished photographer who utilizes these passions to create a well-known and widely respected social media presence. Over the past six years, her adventures have taken her around the United States where she has had the pleasure of meeting incredible people and sharing [...]

Jillian Rebekah2022-05-31T20:02:17-06:00

Jimmy Lewis


Jimmy joined the X Overland team as Content Director at the beginning of 2022. With a background in outfitting, education, and writing, Jimmy works on applying his eclectic insight into our content creation and direction at XO. His predilection for carrying on meaningful conversations along with his love of Overlanding and outdoor sports [...]

Jimmy Lewis2023-03-21T16:05:20-06:00

Rachelle Croft


Rachelle Croft stands out in the Overlanding space as an accomplished driver, co-founder of the hit television series, Expedition Overland, and celebrated advocate and influencer for women’s empowerment and healing from sexual abuse. A Montana native, Rachelle is married to celebrated filmmaker and overlander, Clay Croft, and a mother of three along with [...]

Rachelle Croft2023-03-21T16:05:39-06:00

Clay Croft


Clay Croft has been an innovator and thought-leader in the Overlanding space for over a decade. He is co-founder of the hit television series, Expedition Overland. In addition to his vast Overlanding experience, which includes the completion of the Pan-American Highway, a crossing of the Simpson Desert in Australia, and driving the “Road [...]

Clay Croft2023-01-04T09:03:03-07:00