Central America Expedition

The Island


The day started with us boarding our ferry to the island of Ometepe this morning at 6am. We didn't really have a lot of information on the island and just wanted to explore and hope that something cool came out of it. We talked to a few tourists and locals who helped plot out our [...]

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A Little Dirt


We woke up on the side of the Telica volcano and made our way to town. The road back to town was a great off roading track! It had really great crawl sections and even better scenic shots with dirt walls on either side up to 10 feet. We were able to get some really cool [...]

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Volcano Boarding


Today was a first for us all as we hiked to the top of a volcano carrying a makeshift sled. It began this morning when we met up with an organization called Quetzaltrekkers, who use the profits from taking people on tours around Leon to create learning programs for kids. They met us at the base [...]

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An Icecream Treat


After checking out of the hotel, we did a vehicle reset to really approach the next few legs of the trip with our heads on straight. After navigating the crazy steep streets of Matagalpa, on purpose of course, we steered our crew to an ice cream shop. Here, we met up with the owner of [...]

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After a yesterday's stress of crossing through so many borders, we were all pretty excited for a full day of rest. We hung out the entire day in the Lomas Saint Thomas Hotel. It's a great family owned place that is so quiet and peaceful. The best booster in creativity and energy is rest and [...]


A Day of Borders


Today's agenda was loaded with border crossings so we packed up camp and started out pretty early to get a good jump on the day. This weekend is a national holiday with most Central American countries having Thursday and Friday off so the roads are complete chaos and overcrowded with people.  Kurt brought us through [...]

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More Goodbyes in San Salvador


Driving in convoy in San Salvador is very crazy and last night proved that. The biggest thing for us is staying together. If we separate, then the possibilities of getting lost or attacked increase substantially. We saw a glimpse of the underbelly of San Salvador when we drove past a dead guy in the ditch while [...]

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Basic Training


Since we pushed hard last night to camp close the border, we had time in the morning to go through a "teaching clinic." We asked the Team 5 guys if they could teach us some tricks of their trade and some essentials to know for the remainder of the trip. We understand the dangers that [...]

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Surgery Day


We woke up under a fragrant rain forest canopy to the staff at the Finca making us banana pancakes in their dining area. They were amazing! We cruised back down the river towards the village and Team 5 prepped for a surgery. A young 8-year-old girl had a mass about the size of a softball [...]

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The Mayan Village


We woke up to the sound of a generator running at 4:30am, which was a pleasant introduction of when the village starts its day. People had walked from neighboring villages to receive medical help, so we set up the clinic and began to de-worm as many people as possible. Deworming reduces malnutrition and aids healthy mental [...]

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