Season 0: North American Series

Season 00 Episode 02 | Take the Hill


Back to Season 0 "Take the Hill!", Pryor Montana... The guys with Expedition Overland travel through the central southern plains of Montana and across the Pryor mountains. The team is tested in their problem solving and group decision making. [...]

Season 00 Episode 02 | Take the Hill2024-02-28T11:34:43-07:00

Season 00 Episode 03 | Winter


Back to Season 0 “Winter”, BC Canada.  Expedition Overland’s third episode “Winter”, presented by ExOfficio, will show the guys adventure into British Columbia’s remote backcountry roads during one of the biggest storms of the season. Deep snow, fuel, and team communication all present challenges. [...]

Season 00 Episode 03 | Winter2024-02-28T11:35:40-07:00

Season 00 Episode 04 | Laugh or Cry


Back to Season 0 "Laugh and Cry", Moab... In this episode the XO crew travels south of Moab on the Lockhart Basin trail then into Valley of the Gods in southern Utah. The jokes are subtle, and the laughs are as big as the [...]

Season 00 Episode 04 | Laugh or Cry2024-02-28T11:36:43-07:00

Season 00 Episode 06 | Revelations


Back to Season 0 "Revelations", Idaho.... Travel through Idaho with the guys from XO in the second video of the North America series!  Get ready for the biggest news yet! The revelations of who the guys are as Overlanders comes full circle. [...]

Season 00 Episode 06 | Revelations2024-02-28T11:38:08-07:00