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Winching Safety and Tips


Link for stretching steel and synthetic line: https://www.warn.com/corporate/assets/pdf/75013-A2_read.pdf#page=6 Link for winch maintenance: https://warnindustries.wordpress.com/2015/01/12/winch-maintenance-is-as-important-as-your-4x4s-maintenance/ Starting off with winching safety and tips, Jeff walks through some guidelines to ensure your gear and methods keep you safe when you encounter a winching situation. Jeff shares some variation in [...]

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A follow-up to our "Sleep Systems" episode, Jeff walk us through the Habitat, the latest addition to our sleep systems. The habitat provides both sleeping space, as well as a work and storage space in the bed of the X3 Tacoma. Comments [...]


Body Armor


Protecting your vehicle on the road is an important perspective to have (if you want your vehicle to last!). Jeff shares the different modifications we've made to take precautions on the trails. Comments

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When it comes to getting out of sticky situations on the trail, and although everyone's needs are different when it comes to vehicle recovery, we always have a set of MAXTRAX on hand. Jeff walks us through the technique of using MAXTRAX and the [...]


Medical Bag


Safety is an important part of any expedition, and being prepared with both equipment and training are precautions the Crew takes for every trip. In this episode, Jeff dives into what equipment the XO Crew takes on the road with us for any unkind [...]

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