Contains explicit language. Please beware if listening with children.

Episode Description

Learn the inspiring history behind the inception and ultimate success of Alu-Cab Campers as Alu-Cab owner/founder and CEO, Jeremy Bergh, sits down with Clay to discuss what it took to put Alu-Cab Campers at the top of the industry.

Beyond the specifics of Alu-Cab and its history, Clay and Jeremy enjoy a conversation about success and fulfillment in both business and life, offering hard-won insight from this competitive area of the marketplace.

Finally, see what these two exciting CEOs have to say about their new partnership and their desire to “see the world” together.


Clay Croft

Clay Croft has been an innovator and thought-leader in the Overlanding space for over a decade. He is co-founder of the hit television series, Expedition Overland. In addition [...]

Detailed Episode Summary

Part 1 (1:30-12:30) Intro and Welcome Jeremy: Jeremy explains his first exposure to Expedition Overland’s content and how his respect for Clay as a storyteller has evolved. Clay inquires about Jeremy’s backstory as a plummer in South Africa and how he transitioned from that career into being the founder/owner of Alu-Cab.

Part 2 (12:30-17:30) The Value of Risk-Taking and Pursuing Your Dreams: Jeremy explains his philosophy around risk-taking in order to pursue your life dreams and the tragedy that is regret. Clay explains the value of hard, meaningful work directed toward a cause or desire you respect.

Part 3 (17:30-23:15) The History of Alu-Cab and its Products: Clay and Jeremy discuss the founding of Alu-Cab and the company’s first product: the Alu-Cab Canopy. Jeremy shares how his background as a plummer and his need for a vehicle platform that would allow him to work and play provided the seed for the Alu-Cab Canopy.

Part 4 (23:15-28:20) The First Big Step for Alu-Cab as a Business and the Value of Competition: Jeremy shares his first major opportunity to export his product, the Alu-Cab Canopy, to Germany and the challenges of meeting the German market. Clay and Jeremy discuss the value of competition and the pushing yourself to reach your best self in what you do.

Part 5 (28:20-30:04) The Pivotal Moment of Believing in Yourself and Success: Jeremy explains the important moment that comes in business and in your life when you come to believe in yourself.

Part 6 (30:04-End) Being “the Man in the Arena” and the Mutual Respect of One Successful Business Owner to Another: Clay explains his respect for all men and women who are “in the arena” pursuing their potential and his excitement about working with Jeremy and Alu-Cab.

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