Episode Description

In this prologue episode to the X Overland Podcast, listeners are introduced to Expedition Overland founders, Clay and Rachelle Croft, and given a brief history of “Expedition Overland” from its inception in 2010 till the present day along with an explanation of the X Overland Podcast. The show is co-hosted by X Overland Content Director, Jimmy Lewis, and provides insight into the growing space of Overlanding and the adventure and opportunities for personal growth that surround it.


Rachelle Croft

Rachelle Croft stands out in the Overlanding space as an accomplished driver, co-founder of the hit television series, Expedition Overland, and celebrated advocate and influencer for women’s empowerment and healing from sexual abuse. A Montana native, Rachelle is married to celebrated filmmaker and overlander, Clay Croft, and a mother of three along with fur-child “Piper.” She is the [...]

Jimmy Lewis

Jimmy joined the X Overland team in 2022. With a background in outfitting, education, and writing, Jimmy works on applying his eclectic insight to our content creation and direction at XO. His predilection for carrying on meaningful conversations, along with his love of Overlanding and outdoor sports and adventure, make him the perfect fit to host our X [...]

Clay Croft

Clay Croft has been an innovator and thought-leader in the Overlanding space for over a decade. He is co-founder of the hit television series, Expedition Overland. In addition to his vast Overlanding experience, which includes the completion of the Pan-American Highway, a crossing of the Simpson Desert in Australia, and driving the “Road of Bones” in Russia, Clay [...]

Show Recap

Part 1: Inception of Expedition Overland

  • Inspiration and First Overlanding Experience
  • Relationship and Personal Background
  • Clay’s background in film/Hiline Productions
  • Pillars of XO Content and Business

Part 2: Production Value and Approach to Filmmaking

  • Focus on the cinematic experience and storytelling
  • Authenticity Integrity in content creation
  • Relationship and Personal Background
  • Clay’s background in film/Hiline Productions
  • Pillars of XO Content and Business
  • Part 3: The Expedition Overland Evolution

Part 3: The Expedition Overland Evolution

Part 4: X Overland’s Approach to Building Relationships with Media Partners

  • Deliberate Partner Selection
  • Building Relationships
  • The Longtime Partnership with Toyota

Part 5: Vision for the X Overland Podcast

  • Credentials
  • Relationship and experiences with Expeditions 7
  • Rachelle’s Success and Experience in Rally Racing
  • We are here to provide information and education for all things Overlanding from a place of humble experience.
  • The XO Podcast is a new form of media that allows us to share in new and more elaborate ways. That’s why we’re so excited about it!

Part 6: Tributes

Part 7: Closing Remarks and XO Podcast Vision

  • Vision is to Travel the world, learn, and inspire
  • Aim of XO Podcast is to get beyond “nuts and bolts” and into the space of personal growth through overlanding and adventure

Additional Helpful Resources

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Expedition Portal – The global resource for overland and adventure travel.

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