Jimmy Lewis


Jimmy joined the X Overland team in 2022. With a background in outfitting, education, and writing, Jimmy works on applying his eclectic insight to our content creation and direction at XO. His predilection for carrying on meaningful conversations, along with his love of Overlanding and outdoor sports and adventure, make him the perfect [...]

Jimmy Lewis2023-09-19T10:24:08-06:00

Aimee Bartee


Affectionately dubbed “The Feral Child” as a toddler by her parents, Aimee was born for a life of wandering and adventure, always hot on the trail of the next wild story. Raised on a steady diet of race cars, skateboarding, punk rock, and darkrooms, she brings a unique perspective to her work in [...]

Aimee Bartee2023-09-05T15:38:23-06:00

Chase Bartee


A thinker, compulsive image maker, and driven explorer, Chase first picked up a camera when he was 10 and never looked back. Over two decades later he's an award-winning filmmaker, scientific illustrator, writer, and expedition team leader. Forever inspired by the beauty of the natural world, he's become an important voice in the [...]

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