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As overlanders, we enjoy seeking out special places, unique trails and beautiful campsites away from the hustle and bustle omnipresent in our everyday lives. We want solace, quietude, and freedom from distractions.

We believe such a space should be available for overlanders and adventurers, somewhere you could enjoy viewing premium content away from the noise of Internet–ads, algorithms, pop-ups, and trends. You, our amazing Expedition Overland audience, have been asking for years how you can support our efforts and enjoy even more content, so we went to work on ideas!

That is why we created Overlander Network, a place where subscribers can experience all of our cinematic overlanding and adventure-travel content separate from the madding crowd.

Overlander Network is the culmination of a dream for us at Expedition Overland. It’s a home to enjoy great content now—a quiet space to come together as an outdoor community. In the future, it will be a place to showcase filmmakers and adventurers worldwide.

Now, with the addition of the new Overlander Network app, you can watch your favorite premium XO content anytime, anywhere. Simply download onto your favorite device (iPhone, Android, Roku, and fireTV) whatever content you want to take along as you venture off-grid and watch it whenever you’d like–free from ads and the noise of YouTube.

Along with the added convenience of our new app., as an Overlander Network subscriber, you will continue to enjoy early access to new XO content premiering on the network long before it is released onto YouTube.

Our new masterclass build series, Zero to Hero, teaches you best practices for building an overland vehicle.

Welcome to Overlander U!

It’s never too late to go back to school, right? Especially if you’ll be attending Overlander University! Therefore, along with the cinematic storytelling featured on the Overlander Network, we are also very excited about the educational content now available on this platform.

Network subscribers have full access to all six episodes of our new overland vehicle build series, Zero to Hero. This new masterclass educational series features a highly-detailed, comprehensively filmed build process of a 1996 3rd Gen Toyota 4Runner in three stages: Basic Upfit, Daily Driver, and Hero-level. Viewers will learn best practices for building an overland vehicle and be able to follow along with Tanner and Clay as the two perform each step of the build. Rest assured, even though the 3rd Gen 4Runner is our chosen canvas for this in-depth series, the principles shared can be applied to any vehicle—even the one sitting in your driveway right now!

Also available to Overlander Network subscribers is a bonus downloadable action-takers’ workbook. With this unique workbook, you can follow a step-by-step process to build your own overland vehicle into a hero!

Look for more masterclasses to come focused upon popular overlanding topics like camp cooking. Raise your game to culinary greatness!

Future masterclasses to be offered exclusively on Overlander Network are in the works, and will include topics such as camp cooking, vehicle recovery, and overland route planning.

If there’s a truck build in your future, check out this SNEAK PEEK episode of Zero to Hero on YouTube.

Providing Fuel for Future Filmmakers

By subscribing to Overlander Network, you can enjoy knowing that you are fueling the creation of future adventure travel- and overlanding-themed content. A part of our mission at X Overland is to inspire others, and we are eagerly awaiting the work created by future filmmakers excited to have an appropriate space for their material.

Overlander Network aims to inspire filmmakers in a broad range of outdoor spaces.

When it comes to providing a platform for other creators within the space of overlanding and outdoor adventure, Clay has this to say about starting the network:

“We see a need to build an environment and a platform that caters to authentic storytelling around what overlanding is,” said Clay Croft, CEO of Hiline Productions. “Overlander Network is dedicated to all of us adventurers, taking the first step and going after that spark inside us.”

Interested in creating a film or series? Maybe that future content we are excited to air on Overlander Network in the future will be yours! Beyond 2023, we will be curating the best in cinematic travel and adventure-themed content to share exclusively on Overlander Network.

If you’re considering creating work for Overlander Network, be sure to check out the details for submitting material to our 2023 Overlander Film Festival! We will be recognizing Overlander Film Festival winners by screening their work on Overlander Network. Hope to be reviewing your submission soon!

Facial expressions, mannerisms, reactions–there are just some things audio-only can’t catch!

The X Overland Podcast in Video Format

Do you enjoy The X Overland Podcast? Overlander Network will continue to air all podcast episodes in video format! There are just some aspects of The X Overland Podcast that can’t be caught on audio alone, and that is why we’re excited to make the podcast part of our film production and share the episodes with fans.

With Season 1 of our new podcast ready to wrap up, we can’t wait to share what’s in store for Season 2. By subscribing to Overlander Network, you won’t miss a moment of the action!

Be a Part of our Overlander Community!

One of the aims of Overlander Network is to provide a safe and supportive platform for our community of overlanders, adventurers, and outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds. We love the enriching environment born out of a global community of travelers and have set up Overlander Network as a space for subscribers to comment on content and chat about topics that matter to them. Our approach to Overlander Network is always family-friendly, and the platform serves to foster dialogue from which all subscribers can benefit.

Overlanders are a diverse community of positive, adventurous people. Join us!

Join the Overlander Network!

Add to all of the above: frequent behind-the-scenes content, live streams, and special discounts from partners like onX Offroad and Vertx and you have a network that you will be able to enjoy like your favorite trail. We look forward to seeing you around our campfire!

If there’s a truck build in your future, check out this SNEAK PEEK episode of Zero to Hero on YouTube. If you love it, you can subscribe and watch the entire series on Overlander Network.