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How to Build an Overlanding Vehicle: Part I


Building an overlanding vehicle is a complex challenge but a lot of fun. We’re here to help you with the process! Building an overlanding vehicle is fun. Building an overland vehicle can be expensive. Building an overland vehicle is complex, and building an overland vehicle is a challenge. The rewards, however, are many. Capability, reliability, [...]

How to Build an Overlanding Vehicle: Part I2022-05-19T08:57:35-06:00

2022 X Overland Event Schedule


Overlanding events are kicking off for 2022, and we're so stoked! Want to stop by and chat with the team, check out the X Overland fleet, pick up some merch or ask us questions? These events are the perfect place to do so. Here is the X Overland Event Schedule for 2022. Stay tuned for [...]

2022 X Overland Event Schedule2022-04-22T13:14:50-06:00

What is the Best Overlanding Vehicle?


With all the new concepts and platforms now available for overlanding, we wished to weigh in and offer our theory on what makes the “best” overlanding vehicle. What is the best overlanding vehicle? Before we answer this question (and we do have an answer!), let’s take a minute to look at the huge variety of [...]

What is the Best Overlanding Vehicle?2022-04-08T13:13:17-06:00

What is Overlanding?


X Overland’s attempt to define “overlanding” provides clarity for a variety of enthusiasts. As “overlanding” continues to grow in popularity, people new to overlanding and even those who may currently see themselves as “overlanders” are often challenged to define what “overlanding” is exactly. All of us here at X Overland can empathize with those of [...]

What is Overlanding?2022-03-25T14:39:31-06:00

Atigun—Our Best Toyota Tacoma Truck Build Ever!


Tacoma Evolution From the very beginning of our journey here at Expedition Overland, we have enjoyed our unique relationship with the Toyota Tacoma. It has been a fun and rewarding process to participate with Toyota in the evolution of this extraordinary truck since its inception in 1995. Our beloved Gen 1 2001 TRD Tacoma that [...]

Atigun—Our Best Toyota Tacoma Truck Build Ever!2022-03-10T10:18:06-07:00

Built to Thrive: The Thinking Behind X Overland’s Alaskan Truck Builds


“Out of all the different methods of travel in this world, there is something uniquely special to traveling in your own vehicle, especially when it’s built to take you farther than you expect and allows you to thrive in the journey.” Clay Croft, Episode 1//Alaska: The Last Frontier Truck Build Philosophy Atigun inside the [...]

Built to Thrive: The Thinking Behind X Overland’s Alaskan Truck Builds2022-03-10T10:17:50-07:00

Medical Kits and Why You Should Complete Wilderness First Aid Certification


We often become distracted by the tools, gear, and aftermarket accessories we need to bring on an overland trip - and these items are important - however, perhaps one of the most important items to include in your vehicle isn’t for the health of your vehicle at all, but for your personal health and safety. [...]

Medical Kits and Why You Should Complete Wilderness First Aid Certification2021-07-29T11:44:20-06:00

A Look at Pennzoil’s New Carbon Neutral Products


We at XOverland are thrilled to partner with Pennzoil this year for all of our synthetic motor oil needs. Honestly, we never knew there was so much to learn about motor oil, but the awesome folks at Pennzoil have done an incredible job educating us on the subject. Did you know that Pennzoil is the [...]

A Look at Pennzoil’s New Carbon Neutral Products2021-07-16T16:09:01-06:00

Your Favorite XOverland Vehicle Builds


We've been building trucks since Expedition Overland's inception in 2010. From our very first builds in Season 0 (a 2000 Toyota Land Cruiser 100 Series and 2001 Toyota Tacoma TRD) to this year's 2020 Toyota Tacoma builds, we've been wrenching on vehicles and putting them to the test for over a decade. We love sharing [...]

Your Favorite XOverland Vehicle Builds2021-06-30T15:36:02-06:00

Choosing An Awning for Overlanding


An awning is something you seemingly don’t really need, until all of a sudden you do. Whether you’ve been hit by a rainstorm in the Costa Rican jungle or need to escape the heat on a sweltering day in the Altar Desert, an awning can greatly improve camp comfort when spending time outside of the [...]

Choosing An Awning for Overlanding2021-06-15T14:40:52-06:00