The holiday season is here!

Whether you’re an overlander with years of experience or hitting the trail for the first time, this collection of our “Top Ten” lists of overlanding gear and accessories will help improve your kit.

There is a lot to choose from out there, and you can rest assured that the items that made it onto our lists have been thoroughly vetted and tested by Clay, Rachelle, and the rest of the team at Expedition Overland.

We are proud to partner with some of the best companies in the industry, and you will see their products featured here. We will only partner with companies that create products we trust, as we rely on our gear to perform in the harshest conditions in which the success of our expeditions is at stake. There are other reputable brands to consider; however, we recommend and stand by these products as they have passed our rigorous evaluation process.

Top Ten Overlanding Gear Items for Under $100

onX Offroad Premium Account

The right navigation tool is at the top of our list for many good reasons. For starters, a well-designed navigation app will let you both find your way to adventure while ensuring you make it back home. You can share routes and campsites with friends in your network and discover new places to explore each time you head out. onX Offroad app is a piece of kit you definitely don’t want to leave home without! Be sure to use code ‘xobf30’ for 30% off!

$99.99 $69.99



BruTrek French Presses

These truly easy-to-clean travel French presses are perfect for commutes, road trips, outdoor brewing, or just making coffee in the kitchen. The patented removable bottom makes clean-up a breeze, and the patented Bru Stop™ press makes for a smooth, never-bitter-tasting cup that won’t leave grounds in your smile.




DMOS Nomad Shovel

The Nomad is a two-part, take-anywhere, super lightweight aluminum adventure shovel that you actually want to use. At an overall length of 33″ and compacting down to 17″, the Nomad is the perfect shovel for tossing in the back of your vehicle, fishing or river trips, camping, beach days, and especially when leaving no trace of campfires or human and animal waste.

$99.00 $79.00




Big cosmic powers, itty bitty living space. The MyFAK Mini First Aid Kit cis equipped with high-performance life-saving supplies in our most compact MyFAK yet. When compact is key, the MyFAK Mini offers full First Aid coverage in an easily storable and portable sized kit.

$114.95 $91.96



ARB Speedy Repair Kit

This simple but effective kit is another of the XOVERLAND team’s go-to and must-have items in their fleet. Whether you’re out on the trail or just daily commuting, it is just a matter of time until you have to deal with a flat tire or a slow leak. “Plugging” a tire is an easy fix for simple punctures caused by nails, wire, and similar items that occasionally find their way onto backcountry roads and trails. A tubeless tire repair kit takes care of these flats quickly and gets you back on your way. Like all of their products, the ARB Speedy Seal Tire Repair Kit has been developed to handle the extreme demands of off-road use. The components are of the highest quality, and all you will need to replace are the plugs when you run out!




Offroam + XOVERLAND Phone Mount

Offroam phone mounts actually work because they are specifically engineered to fit the make, model, and year of your vehicle. And since the bracket mounts to existing features in your vehicle, there is no drilling or gluing required. And you can always remove the mounts without leaving a trace thanks to the integrated protective liners.




Vertx Crisp Action Gloves

When you want a bit more warmth, a pair of Vertx Crisp Action Gloves is what you need tucked into the side pocket of your driver’s side door to address the harsh and abrasive conditions involved in changing flats, doing recovery work, or setting up camp when the weather turns cold. These gloves are rugged, waterproof, and warm, yet allow for the dexterity required for these everyday overlanding tasks. Use code “XOVERLAND” for 20% off!

$54.99 $47.99



Shower Pouch 10-Pack

10% off with code ‘XOVERLAND’. The Shower Pouch is the ultimate solution to staying clean, fresh, and hygienic while camping and overlanding. Unlike other shower wipes that dry out quickly once the bag’s seal has been removed, the Shower Pouch contains one large, sealed shower wipe per pouch, so you are assured of a moist, clean wipe every time you wash up at the end of the day. Pro tip from Rachelle: For those cold mornings, place your Shower Pouch in a pot of boiling water for a warm ‘shower’!

$50.00 $45.25



Magpul Explorer Sunglasses

No matter the season, if you will be in the outback for extended periods, you will need to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. As an overlander, you will also benefit from eye protection during recovery. Magpul sunglasses exceed MILSPEC safety standards and are designed to function flawlessly in extreme environments. That’s why we have them within arm’s reach every time we head out.

$99.00 $81.30




There is always a use for a Jetboil! From making freeze-dried meals to a cup of coffee in the morning, a Jetboil is an item we don’t travel without. Pro Tip: drop a Shower Pouch in some fresh, hot water in your Jetboil and take a warm shower at camp!





Let’s face it, girls. When it comes to peeing in the outdoors, men have it easy. Why not help yourselves out by using this simple but effective urination device when nature calls? Also works great when you don’t want to get out of that tent at night.





The XOVERLAND Patch Hat is a classic option for your overlander this holiday season! This hat has been a staple for Clay’s wardrobe on previous expeditions.




Top Ten Overlanding Gear Items for Over $100

WARN Epic Recovery Bag

The kit includes premium WARN Epic accessories that wear durable powder coatings that protect against abrasion and the elements and stand up to the most rigorous recoveries. The components fit neatly inside the modular backpack, which also acts as a winch line damper and is easy to transport.

$601.37 $494.72



HEST Dually Mattress and Pillow

These mattresses paired perfectly with our Alu-Cab sleeping systems while on our last two expeditions. The Dually fits perfectly with most wedge and popup-style systems. Enhanced Memory Foam sleeps two comfortably with room for an adventure dog to join! The comforts of your home mattress in a portable, durable, camping trip-ready form. The multi-layer design provides optimal body alignment, pressure point relief, temperature control, and durable protection from the great outdoors.

$579 $458.00



WeBoost Drive Reach Overland

Drive Reach Overland maximizes available cell signal so you can call, text, navigate, even post photos, and stream data in more places than ever. It’s the perfect mod for your mighty rig.
Features an adjustable outside antenna mount that easily folds down to clear roof gear and trail hazards. The antenna’s versatile bracket attaches to your rig using a T-slot, pole, or fixed mount. On sale starting 11/23.

$549.00 $466.00



Aeronaut Hoverquilt

This blanket has kept the team comfortable and warm over our trips and expeditions over the last year. This blanket is a great solution for people who like the feel of a more home-like setup while camping. This blanket has seen everything from the African dunes to high alpine lakes in Montana!




REDARC Portable 120W Solar Panel Package

Keep your electronics powered up and charged with this durable, lightweight, foldable solar panel from REDARC! This panel has traveled with us from Alaska to Scandinavia with no issues. We use this solar panel to keep our production gear charged, but it would also work great for people who need to charge phones and computers. On sale starting 11/22.

$819.00 $655.19




Maxtrax are at the top of this list because they stow easily and offer quick recovery for most situations without needing to be installed. We recommend a set of Maxtrax for any outdoor recreationalist because they provide an easy way to get unstuck and keep your day going, whether at a snowy trailhead or during a summertime outing to the beach. Maxtrax can also be used for leveling your vehicle in camp, so you get two tools for the price of one. (Be warned that several knock-off brands are providing cheaper products made in China. We have repeatedly witnessed these products failing catastrophically. That’s why when it comes to buying recovery boards, we highly recommend Maxtrax, the brand that always has been and continues to be the benchmark for the industry.)

$369.99 $263.99



K9 Camp Chair

This chair has been our go-to for camp chairs on our previous two expeditions due to its rugged design and comfort. The K9 chair is perfect for meals around the table or fire! Eezi-Awn has made a very robust version of this very comfy chair and has perhaps developed the final answer to that perpetual search for the perfect camp chair.

$245.00 $196.00



Garmin InReach Mini

inReach Mini is your go-to connection for maintaining off-the-grid contact. It’s our palm-sized satellite communicator for adventures where size and weight matter. Exchange text messages with loved ones, post to social media or communicate inReach-to-inReach in the field (satellite subscription required).

$399.00 $299.00



Prinsu Pro Roof Rack

One of our favorite roof racks just got better with the all-new Prinsu Pro Roof Rack! Building upon a decade of excellence, this rack is engineered to push the boundaries of adventure. Prinsu Racks have a place on all of our fleet vehicles.

$1,255.00 $1,066.75

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