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Welcome to the X Overland podcast! The X Overland podcast is the place to learn about all things overlanding and get inspired with the confidence to go do it. The podcast will frequently feature Expedition Overland founders, Clay and Rachelle Croft, along with XO team members and a wide variety of special guests from around the overlanding space. We’re excited to share our conversations with you and dive into some behind the scenes details you will only get here!


EP66 | NEVER RUN OUT!! Optimizing Auxiliary Power in Vehicles with Mark Bruce of REDARC Electronics

Do you have lots of questions about auxiliary power systems for your vehicle, be it an overland vehicle, hunting rig, van, or even a small R.V.? Have you wondered about the pros and cons of lithium batteries, how solar power functions, and whether a mobile or “house” auxiliary power system is right for you?

EP56 | XOVERLAND – The Next Chapter – an Update from Clay and Rachelle Croft, and Content & Marketing Director, Evan DeHaven

On this episode, host, Jimmy Lewis, sits down with XOVERLAND co-founders, Clay and Rachelle Croft, and XOVERLAND Content and Marketing Director, Evan DeHaven, to discuss everything happening that’s been happening behind the scenes at XOVERLAND and the new vision and direction for the company.

EP22 | Overlanding Safety and Security with Mike Glover of Fieldcraft Survival

When it comes to vehicle-based adventure travel and overlanding, we want to have fun while keeping ourselves and our fellow travelers safe. Whether we are traveling solo, with a partner, as a family, or as a highly capable team, best practices for staying safe and secure are presented here by former Special Forces soldier and C.I.A. operative, Mike Glover.

EP1 | What is Overlanding?

What is Overlanding? In Episode 1 of the X Overland Podcast, Expedition Overland founders, Clay and Rachelle Croft along with co-host, XO Content Director Jimmy Lewis, do their best to provide an answer to this fundamental question...

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