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Expedition Overland (XOVERLAND) is a video series produced by Hiline Productions that follows a team of adventurers and their outfitted vehicles through some of the world’s most remote places. Founded in 2010, owners Clay Croft and Rachelle Croft lead a team of “ordinary people doing extraordinary things.” The production showcases the adventures, struggles, and unique people and places they meet along the way. The show is filmed by adventurers and professional cinematographers who excel at telling a compelling story through documentary-style episodes. Their approach is authentic, professional, helpful, and always family-friendly. The Crofts even include their three sons, Cyrus, Ryder, and Eli on adventures when possible which cultivates a spirit of family adventure and a love of the outdoors.

XOVERLAND’s fleet of 4-wheel drive vehicles is equipped and outfitted for specific journeys. These trusty travel partners can sustain the team for long periods in comfort with battery systems, on-board refrigerators, camper trailers, recovery systems, and roof-top tents!

Always hunting for the next thrill in adventure travel, the team added flight to their expeditions in 2019 using powered paragliders (paramotor / PPGs).

XOVERLAND expertly shares tested and proven overlanding gear, products, and tactics with enthusiasts using their video marketing expertise and passion for professional cinematography. An established lifestyle brand, XOVERLAND captivates outdoor and overlanding audiences across the globe, inspiring viewers to get off the couch and experience the world through immersive and educational videos.

The XOverland Team

Many amazing people are needed to make XOVERLAND run. XOVERLAND includes a core team who serve the creative, production, online store, and day-to-day administrative needs. Expedition teams vary—we assemble cast and crew based on each trip’s unique needs and challenges.

Many faces have come and gone over the past nine years and we are grateful to our past characters and friends that helped to build XOVERLAND.

Clay Croft

Owner, Director, CEO

Expedition Role

Leader, director, drone pilot

Expeditions Travelled

North America, Alaska|Yukon, Central America, Return to the MacKenzie, South America, Overlander Season 1, The Great Pursuit, The Baja Special, Alaska: The Last Frontier, The Nordic Series

Favorite Rig

Orion (2022 Toyota Tundra)

Favorite Episode

Return to the Mackenzie

Rachelle Croft

Co-founder, COO, Producer

Expedition Role

Leader, cinematographer, lead driver, chef

Expeditions Travelled

Alaska|Yukon, Central America, South America, Overlander Season 1, The Great Pursuit, The Baja Special, The Nordic Series

Favorite Rig

Simba (2023 Toyota Sequoia)

Favorite Episode

South America Episode 1 – The Bridge! And the ladies’ trip from Overlander Episode 6

Croft Boys

Truck washers, cooks, sherpas


Budding overlanders, Cyrus, Eli and Ryder Croft (left to right).

Expedition Role

The boys help out by washing trucks, cleaning the shop back at home; while out on the trails they assist in airing down tires, cooking and helping wherever needed.

Piper Croft

Mascot, foot warmer

Expedition Role

Nap taker, food scrap collector

Behind the Scenes

Meet our other cast members…the vehicles!

Vehicles are a very personal and important choice. Here at XOVERLAND, we build each vehicle for a specific purpose. Since our number one goal is to produce top-quality film content while on the road, that means we may build something different than the weekend warrior would. Over the years, we’ve had the experience of building 13 offroad vehicles and we’ve learned a thing or two along the way that we hope you’ll find helpful when you consider the best vehicle options for your needs.

We’ve used many Toyota vehicles on the show, and in recent years have added makes like Dodge Ram, motorcycles, and a variety of off-road camper trailers.


2022 Toyota Tundra

Miles Driven



The Nordic Series


2021 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro

Miles Driven



Alaska: The Last Frontier, The Nordic Series

The Clone

2015 Toyota 4Runner Trail Premium Edition

Miles Driven



Canada to Mexico 2019, Alaska: The Last Frontier, The Nordic Series