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Tried and True Gear Options for the Trip You’re Planning!

We love gear! Whether you’re just starting out with what you’ve got, or diving deeper in, the right gear can make all the difference when it comes to safety, comfort, recovery, and maintenance.

We know first-hand you don’t need all the gear, but here are some options we have learned to rely on during our travels.

Expedition Gear Setup

Vehicle space is precious and lots of needs must be covered, especially on long expeditions. This video discusses the top priorities we plan for in the three main gear categories: Vehicle, Galley, and Trail.

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How to get your vehicle unstuck using Maxtrax

Whether it’s sand, snow, or mud, getting unstuck is essential to getting back to adventuring. Maxtrax is our go-to tool for getting out of sticky situations and they have a few other uses as well, like leveling your vehicle for camping! This video shows you how to properly use this versatile tool.

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Recovery Gear Overview

From winches to jacks, snatch blocks, air-down tools, and tree savers, learn about the tools we keep in our vehicles for getting out of tough situations.

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What Should I Pack in My Medical Bag?

Safety is an important part of any expedition, and being prepared with both equipment and training are precautions the Team takes seriously for every trip. In this episode, Jeff dives into what equipment XO takes on the road for medical needs.

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How to Air Down Your Tires

This video covers some common situations where airing down can be helpful. Learn about the air-down tools we use and the safety considerations you need to know.

The Indeflate is a great new product that allows you to air up or down two tires at once. We have just started using this to try it out and we are big fans, especially with all those trailer tires to air back up!

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What is the best rooftop tent or sleep system?

There are many options for rooftop tents and sleep or living systems. We have tried several models and systems; the Adventure Trailer Habitat is a great fit for our XO team as it offers both living and workspace while on extended adventures.

Our most used traditional rooftop tent is the Eezi-Awn Series Three Roof Top Tent as seen in all of our adventures starting with Alaska. The same tent we used on our first trip to Alaska is the same one used throughout each of our seasons for the entire Pan-American Highway and the Return to the Mackenzie Series. But there are other options; check out this video to see which option works best for you!

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