Next to vehicle type, tire choice is possibly the most important decision you’ll make for your vehicle. Choose wisely and you can count on strong off-road performance and tens of thousands of worry-free miles. Choose poorly and even the best equipped 4×4 with locking differentials will struggle to get you out of sticky situations.

That’s why we love General Tire. They’ve carried us across continents without issue and always provide incredible traction when we need it most. Their ATX and X3 tires are, in our opinion, the best all-terrain and mud tires on the market today.

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1 million miles + (collectively all vehicle tires) on General Tires.


General Tire – Grabber A/TX

General Tire – Grabber X3

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How to choose the best overlanding tire

Did you know that tires are one of the very first things you should upgrade on your vehicle? Why? They are the ONLY thing between your vehicle and the road so they’re undoubtedly important. There are many great tires out there, so in order to choose the best overlanding tire for YOU, do your research and ask questions, such as:

What am I doing 75% (or more) of my time with this vehicle or does it have a specific purpose? Ex. daily driving, offroading, dirt roads? This will point to either the need for a mud-terrain tire or an all-terrain tire. (Ex. If this is a trail-specific vehicle, a mud-terrain may be better. If it’s a daily driver with occasional off-road use, an all-terrain will do great!)

Mud Terrain Tires

We use the General Grabber X3 . These tires are strong, boasting a 3-ply durability, have thicker sidewalls, and more aggressive tread patterns. Mud terrains will usually have a little more road noise and are not as good on snow as an all terrain, but when it comes to kicking out mud, holding up through third world roads, or extreme off-roading, this is a great pick. Additionally, the sound damping in the Grabber X3’s makes them very quiet as a mud terrain tire. The XO fleet used these all through South America with zero failures for over 14,000 miles and will continue to run them in Australia on the Tundra.

All-Terrain Tires

We use the General Tire Grabber A/Tx. These are a great all-around daily driver and off-road tire. All-Terrain’s are good in snow and sand and you can still air them down for off road grip and durability as well. Rachelle runs these on her daily driver (for two MT winters) and also ran them in the Rebelle Rally without failure on the Lexus GX.

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