The ability to communicate effectively is an essential component of any overland trip or trail run. At Expedition Overland, we believe in multi-layered communication systems, including carrying more than one device, such as cell phones, radios, satellite phones, and a satellite communication device. Utilizing downloadable navigation maps with the onX Offroad app helps us stay on course. Here are our favorite tried and tested navigation and communication devices.

Our Proven Recommendations: Navigation

onX Offroad

As soon as we leave the shop and travel to local areas, onX Offroad is our go-to for picking routes and that perfect campsite. With maps that can be downloaded, onX is your best friend when it comes to overland travel.

Garmin Overlander

Our go-to stand alone GPS unit for vehicle exploration. We’ve been a part of the produt development team since 2019 and continue to help make improvements to this platform.

Garmin InReach Mini

Our standard issue satellite communication device. Every XO truck and PPG pilot gets one, and we’ve been using them since 2018.

Garmin Tread

Both Clay and Ryan have put the Tread to the test, including all navigation features, Group Ride Radio, Garmin PowerSwitch™ digital switch box (which controls all 12-volt accessories) and the BC™ 40 wireless camera with tube mount.

WeBoost Overland

Designed for adventure, weBoost Drive Reach Overland brings together a powerful booster, tough outdoor antenna, and versatile mounting bracket. Perfect for reaching that cell signal that is so close.

Our Proven Recommendations: Communications

Iridium Extreme

When we leave cellular coverage behind we always bring our sat phone to ensure effective communications.

Iridium GO!

We love the Iridium GO! because it allows us to stay connected via voice, text, and data when out of cell reception.

ICOM ID 5100

Our go-to Ham radio due to its excellent digital and tracking capabilities. We’ve been running these since 2017.

Garmin Rhino

Great GMRS radios. Expedition Overland team members have used these since 2010.

Offroad Communications

Communications in Overlanding