Coffee lovers, pay attention! You have nothing to fear when heading out for an overlanding adventure. Some of the best coffee ever is brewed in camp. And while the adage is true that “everything tastes better in camp,” when it comes to coffee, that is true tenfold. Let’s get started by teaching you our favorite methods!

Overlanding for our team means brewing for a large group, and the Brutrek is the perfect tool to make sure everyone gets plenty of java in the morning!

Method #1: The French Press

Whether your out camping with family or traveling across the Americas with a team of overlanders, big numbers mean you’ll need a brew method that will produce a large quantity of delicious tasting coffee reliably and efficiently.

That’s why the French Press is our go-to method whether we’re on expedition or heading out for some fun with family and friends. We prefer the BruTrek BaseCamp French Press to get the job done.

Here’s how to brew it:

Making French Press coffee is simple and one of the best methods for realizing the flavor profile the roaster intended. To brew great coffee using a French press, follow these steps:

  1. Bring water to a boil and allow to cool for a couple of minutes to ensure you don’t scorch the coffee.
  2. Using coarsely ground coffee, add approximately two tablespoons of grounds for 8 oz of water into your French Press.
  3. Pour in the desired amount of hot water and stir.
  4. Let steep for 3-5 minutes depending on strength preference.
  5. Now comes the fun part! Press (slowly), pour, enjoy!


The pour-over is Rachelle’s favorite brew method for making that personal cup of java that’s “just right.”

Method #2: The Pour-Over

The pour-over is a purist’s delight and ideal for brewing coffee according to personal taste and preferences. The pour-over is also a sensuous, Zen-like daily ritual that concludes with an enlivening cup of coffee.

A simple #2 size plastic pour-over device such as a Melitta Filter Coffee Maker will do nicely, but for a more refined experience that doesn’t require paper filters, try the LHS Slow Drip Coffee Filter.

If you’re using the pour-over method for backpacking, adventure motorcycling, or just trying to save space in your overland vehicle galley, you can use this Sea-to-Summit Collapsible X-Brew Coffee Dripper.

With the exception of a filterless system, always use natural brown filters for brewing, and note that if you’re brewing for two, you can always step up to a #4 system.

Here’s how to brew it:

  1. Boil the required amount of water and allow to cool for a couple of minutes.
  2. Grind the desired amount of grounds to a coarseness resembling sea salt–not as coarse as grinding for a French Press but not as fine as espresso. (Use approximately 2 tablespoons per 8 oz of water.)
  3. Use the hot water to pre-wet the paper filter and to pre-heat a filterless system. (Discard the water used for this step.)
  4. Add desired amount of coffee grounds and tap to level.
  5. Pour in hot water till grounds “bloom” and rest for around twenty seconds.
  6. Resume pouring by starting in the center and moving out with concentric circles.
  7. Complete with a second or even third pour until you have the desired amount of coffee.
  8. Drink and enjoy!

Note: A pleasant aspect of the pour over method is the ease of clean up afterward. Simply responsibly dispose of the filter and grounds, rinse your filter and mug, and you’re ready to brew your next cup!



The Aeropress is an excellent system for making either coffee or espresso.

Method #3: The AeroPress Coffee Maker

The AeroPress Coffee Maker uses a high-pressure compression method of brewing coffee, similar to an espresso pump. This method allows for a lot of versatility. You can brew a bright, clean cup of coffee or 2-4 shots of espresso. From there, you can either drink your java, add some hot water to make an Americano, or froth up some milk for a hot latte!

Here’s how to brew it:

  1. Boil some water and allow to cool for a couple of minutes.
  2. Add a paper filter to the bottom of your AeroPress and rinse (filters made by AeroPress).
  3. Add in your ground coffee (grind to medium-fine).
  4. Add hot water and “bloom” grounds.
  5. Stir and allow to steep.
  6. Press. (When pressing, pause when you feel resistance, and resume as pressure recedes.)

Clean up is simple: Remove end cap with filter, push press all the way through, discard grounds, and rinse entire system with hot water.



For espresso lovers, the Wacaco Mini Presso is a must have!

Method #5: The Wacaco Mini Presso

The Wacaco Minipresso easily makes savory espresso with no electric power necessary. Similar to the AeroPress, the Wacaco uses a human-power pump to provide for high-pressure extraction. This is the perfect device for espresso lovers to pack along in your overland vehicle or adventure motorcycle!

Here’s how to brew it:

  1. Pull the cup from the top of the Minipresso and set aside for your soon-to-be-created shots of espresso.
  2. Unscrew the portafilter.
  3. Remove the filter basket from the Minipresso and use the included scoop to add 8 grams of ground coffee for espresso.
  4. Use the scoop to tamp down the coffee grounds.
  5. Screw on the portafilter.
  6. Unscrew the water tank, and add hot water up to the fill line.
  7. Screw on the water tank and unlock the pump piston.
  8. Pump the Minipresso to extract the espresso!



Coffee Tea Bags and Pour-Overs are a very lightweight, easy way to make decent coffee on the trail!

Method #6: Instant Coffee Tea Bags and Single-Serve Disposable Pour-Overs

If you are looking for a super-lightweight, super-simple method of brewing decent coffee, we recommend you try either instant coffee “Tea Bags” or Single-Serve Disposable Pour-Overs. For taste and quality, we prefer the latter of the two, but the tea bags are decent and make brewing a quick cup of joe even simpler. So far, we have tried the Wildland and Black Rifle Coffee versions and have been happy with both!

Here’s how to brew it:

  1. Open the package and place in or on your favorite coffee mug.
  2. For a tea bag, add hot water and steep until desired strength is reached; for a pour-over, bloom the grounds, then start your pour-over until finished. (See more detailed instructions in our pour-over section of this blog.)
  3. Drink!
  4. Responsibly dispose of the bag or pour-over kit.

We find these good to have stowed away as backups in case we forget to pack coffee beans for our French Press, or maybe we forgot to grind our beans and don’t have a grinder on board. Whatever reason your go-to coffee brewing method fails, if you can heat water and have a cup, you can make a cup of java with one of these tea bags or single-serve pour-overs. A life-saver at times!

Method #7: The Starbucks VIA Instant Coffee Strips

We love Starbucks VIA strips for the easiest to pack, lightest weight option with a very long shelf life. These ready-to-go strips easily slip into just about anywhere you want them. Rachelle loves to put some of these in her purse while doing any kind of traveling, and the team makes sure to have some along in our vehicles for java in a flash!

Here’s how to brew it:

  1. Heat up some water.
  2. Tear open VIA strip and pour into mug.
  3. Add water and stir.
  4. To adjust the strength, simply add an additional strip of coffee!

Like in most things overlanding, experimenting is part of the fun!

Final Thoughts

Like with most things overlanding–gear, tents, trucks, and trails–experimenting with different methods of brewing camp coffee is part of the fun! We’ve shared our favorites here, but there are even more to try. The next time you’re on the trail with some of your friends, see their approaches and share your ideas.
We like to have a few different methods available in our overland vehicle to meet differing needs and provide some redundancy, so we’re never without a cup of coffee when we want one!

By having a large-capacity French Press, a Minipresso, and some instant coffee options on board, as long as you have plenty of drinking water and a means of heating it, you will have the options you need to meet your various needs.

Pro Tip: Be sure to pack enough high-quality drinking water for your drinking needs and for making plenty of coffee. One of the key ingredients to making excellent coffee is excellent water, so consider packing it with you if you’re that coffee lover. Your coffee-loving friends will thank you!

Happy brewing!