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Overland Camp Kitchens and Galley Systems


At Expedition Overland, we’ve been building galleys and camp kitchens for more than 10 years. But that’s not where our journey started. In fact, Clay used his very first camp stove at the age of 13, a Swiss Sigg Multi-Fuel Stove, which he still uses today. Since then we’ve used many different stoves and tested [...]

Overland Camp Kitchens and Galley Systems2021-01-29T15:22:56-07:00

Overlanding Storage Solutions: The Small Stuff


In a recent post, we outlined how to maximize efficiencies in your overland build with large storage and organization solutions. If you missed Overlanding Storage Solutions: The Big Stuff, be sure to check it out HERE. This week we’re moving into the nitty gritty of small storage and organization solutions. This includes storage boxes and [...]

Overlanding Storage Solutions: The Small Stuff2021-01-22T18:00:00-07:00

Overlanding Storage Solutions: The Big Stuff


Have you ever haphazardly thrown items into the back of your vehicle after use, vowing that you’ll deal with it later? Have you ever experienced an explosion of stuff such as snacks, jackets or other goods inside your vehicle? So have we. Over time, we’ve learned a thing or two about good vehicle organization and [...]

Overlanding Storage Solutions: The Big Stuff2021-01-13T13:49:56-07:00

Ultimate Overlander Gift Guide


GEAR AND GADGETS LARGE AND SMALL The holiday season is here and we’ve got you covered! We’ve pulled together our favorite overlanding and outdoor items so you'll have plenty of gift ideas for the adventurers on your list. ENJOY and Happy Holidays! Holiday Deals From Overlander.com [...]

Ultimate Overlander Gift Guide2021-01-22T09:36:28-07:00

Guide to Overland Winter Camping


As winter rolls in to the Northern Hemisphere, colder temperatures shouldn’t dissuade you from adventuring in the great outdoors! With the proper clothing, equipment and precautions, winter camping can be a fun endeavor. Helping to break up long winters, winter camping is also a great way to get your adventure on in the off-season. Grab [...]

Guide to Overland Winter Camping2021-01-13T13:51:36-07:00

The Importance of Treading Lightly


One of the core beliefs of the overlanding community is the importance of treading lightly or leaving a place better off than you found it. At Expedition Overland, we believe that the Tread Lightly principles are a huge part of the key foundations of overlanding. In anticipation of our Alaska/Yukon season we were very fortunate [...]

The Importance of Treading Lightly2020-12-10T13:01:23-07:00

The Pros and Cons of Overlanding With Trailers


Overlanding and off-road trailers are gaining popularity, and for good reason. A great trailer can offer excellent storage solutions and additional freedom. Like anything, towing a trailer has its pros and cons. Whether or not a trailer will work for you will depend on your setup, trip goals and priorities.  At Expedition Overland we choose [...]

The Pros and Cons of Overlanding With Trailers2021-01-06T14:24:12-07:00

Overlanding Communications 101: Radios


The ability to communicate effectively is an essential component of any overland trip or trail run. Overlanding communications devices are helpful for both relaying messages between vehicles but are also crucial in an emergency situation. At Expedition Overland, we believe in multi-layered communication systems, including carrying more than one device, such as cell phones, radios, [...]

Overlanding Communications 101: Radios2020-12-10T13:19:39-07:00

Overlanding and Vehicle Battery Management Systems


Power and battery management systems are an important part of overlanding because they make up your mobile power supply. If you are powering electronics such as GPS units, phones, tablets, light bars, refrigerators, inverters, radios and/or air compressors, it is crucial to be cognizant of the impact all of this can have on your battery. [...]

Overlanding and Vehicle Battery Management Systems2021-01-13T09:36:25-07:00

Gear Essentials For Long-Term Overlanding


It is no secret that here at Expedition Overland, we love good gear. While there is an infinite supply of gear on the market, how do we, as overlanders, stick to the essentials? First, we’re always thinking about the big trip. From Prudhoe Bay, Alaska to Ushuaia, Argentina, we want to prioritize the gear we [...]

Gear Essentials For Long-Term Overlanding2021-01-13T13:47:36-07:00