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Choosing An Awning for Overlanding


An awning is something you seemingly don’t really need, until all of a sudden you do. Whether you’ve been hit by a rainstorm in the Costa Rican jungle or need to escape the heat on a sweltering day in the Altar Desert, an awning can greatly improve camp comfort when spending time outside of the [...]

Choosing An Awning for Overlanding2021-06-15T14:40:52-06:00

2021 X Overland Event Schedule


It's been an action-packed summer and we've loved returning to some of our favorite overland and outdoor events of the year. Want to stop by and chat with the team, check out the XOverland fleet, pick up some merch or ask us questions? These events are the perfect place to do so. Here is the [...]

2021 X Overland Event Schedule2022-04-20T13:10:01-06:00

Do You Need Body Armor for Your Overland Vehicle?


The ultimate goal of aftermarket armor is to provide additional strength, durability and functionality, protecting the vehicle from major damage (whether from rocks or other vehicles), so we can ultimately return home safely and under our own power. Whether you decide to install armor, and which pieces you choose, will ultimately depend on the purpose [...]

Do You Need Body Armor for Your Overland Vehicle?2021-05-20T10:55:22-06:00

Airing Down: Why We Don’t Recommend a Specific Tire Pressure


For those of you who aren't quite ready to invest in an upgraded suspension kit but are looking to tackle tougher trails and create a more comfortable ride, there is a simple, straightforward and (relatively) inexpensive solution. One of the easiest and least expensive ways to improve off-road traction and create a smoother ride (without [...]

Airing Down: Why We Don’t Recommend a Specific Tire Pressure2021-05-04T14:29:54-06:00

Winches and How to Use Them


When it comes to vehicle recovery, the winch packs a powerful punch. As one of the most useful self-recovery tools out there, a winch can help recover stuck vehicles from all kinds of obstacles, including mud, snow and ice, and sand. With great power comes great responsibility, however. Thoroughly acquaint yourself with the user guide, [...]

Winches and How to Use Them2021-04-20T11:01:37-06:00

5 Ways to Connect With Other Overlanders in the Community


While heading out for a quiet, solitary weekend outdoors is a wonderful experience in and of itself, exploring the world’s beautiful places with others is something truly special. Some are fortunate enough to have friends or family who share similar interests, but we know this isn’t the case for everyone. Looking for an adventure buddy [...]

5 Ways to Connect With Other Overlanders in the Community2021-04-21T08:30:20-06:00

Hygiene While Overlanding


Aside from inquiries about our vehicle builds, the most common question people ask us is: “How do you deal with hygiene while overlanding?” This is a fair question! The reality is that in North America most of us have access to indoor plumbing or outhouses and don’t need to second guess where we’re going to [...]

Hygiene While Overlanding2021-04-01T08:27:04-06:00

Snorkel 101: Function & Step-By-Step Installation


There are few build modifications that make a vehicle look as rugged and expedition-ready as a snorkel. Also known as a ‘raised air intake’ this aftermarket addition may look cool, but it also serves some important functions. The main purpose of a snorkel is access to clean air. Most people associate the snorkel with water [...]

Snorkel 101: Function & Step-By-Step Installation2021-03-26T13:02:17-06:00

SOLD – XOverland’s 2020 Jeep Gladiator Overland Build (Odin) Is For Sale!


UPDATE: Our Jeep Gladiator has been SOLD! Thank you for your interest. A rare find! Built by Expedition Overland, this Jeep Gladiator has been used by the team since 2019 as an overlanding vehicle and on-the-road production rig. The setup includes features such as a PCOR Tray System, Long Range Automotive fuel tank, 37” tires, [...]

SOLD – XOverland’s 2020 Jeep Gladiator Overland Build (Odin) Is For Sale!2021-04-01T08:15:47-06:00

GPS and Tracking Systems


Knowing where you are and where you’re going is imperative to any overland adventure. This is where tracking devices and satellite communication technologies come into play in a big way. These systems can be easy to overlook, but it is important not to underestimate the importance of GPS and tracking devices because, to be frank, [...]

GPS and Tracking Systems2021-03-10T14:05:47-07:00