The highly-experienced team of vehicle-borne explorers seeks new adventures in Africa, adds new categories of content, and will hold the upcoming XOVERLAND Film Festival in fall 2023

Flagstaff, Ariz. (May 18, 2023) – XOVERLAND, the leading team of adventure travelers dedicated to producing overland content to educate, equip and inspire outdoor enthusiasts, has announced the highly-anticipated sixth season of the popular Apex Series, which will take place in southern Africa. In addition, the team has announced the next chapter of the XOVERLAND brand, which includes the second XOVERLAND Film Festival and a full suite of new and exclusive content and offerings to round out the brand’s premium experience.


The international adventure and vehicle-borne exploration continues with the sixth season of XOVERLAND’s popular Apex Series. For the first time this summer, the entire Croft family will embark on a two-month expedition together along with a cast of global guests. The crew will immerse themselves in new cultures and face new challenges throughout the 10-part series. The in-house-built XO vehicles making the journey through remote Africa consist of the 2023 Toyota Sequoia “Simba,” the 2022 Toyota Tundra “Orion,” the 2020 Toyota Tacoma “Raven,” and their new “Little Boy” custom-built trailer. The docu-series follows the team’s epic adventure detailing their experiences and trials and tribulations both as individuals and as a team. The series launches in 2024 on YouTube and XOVERLAND Network (with exclusive bonus episodes on the network).


Widely known for pushing the limits of vehicle builds, expeditions and filmmaking since 2010, the popular collection of content will be aligning its suite of unified services and stories under XOVERLAND including the network and film festival (previously known as the Overlander Network and Overlander Film Festival). The alignment of services and growth in education and inspirational content will support the company’s mission to “inspire people to boldly explore the world” while marking the next chapter for the brand. The new content and offerings aim to inspire outdoor exploration, share tips for safe and responsible adventures, and provide quality advice on preparation, gear and vehicle modifications for trips of any scale. Each of the new series, aside from the Content Creator Series, will be available on YouTube with bonus episodes available on the XO Network.


The XO team will be working with content creators from around the world bringing diverse stories and voices to the network, including Gone Dirtin, Bound For Nowhere, Roam Overlanding, Desk To Glory and We Will Roam (the winners of the inaugural Overlander Film Festival). The content creator series, which launches later this year on the XOVERLAND Network, will share unique storylines and perspectives of outdoor travel told by additional creators.

  • XCLASS SERIES: Multi-part masterclass series providing “how-to” tutorials for overland-focused preparation, vehicle modifications and installations.
  • OUT & ABOUT SERIES: Showcases the extended XOVERLAND team and friends as they head out on local voyages together and share their love for the outdoors. The series will be available on YouTube with exclusive bonus content on the network.
  • SHOP TALK: A continued ongoing look inside the X Hangar with new projects, faces and diverse sides of the business that have never been seen before.
  • TRAIL TALK: Similar to Shop Talk, the XO team shares knowledge, tips and tricks out on the trail.


XOVERLAND will host its second film festival in Bozeman, Montana this fall. The film competition with the mantra “May the Best Story Win,” is dedicated to overland-style filmmakers who want to inspire, educate and entertain the outdoor enthusiast community. Submissions are open until September 1, 2023 for all levels of outdoor adventure-seekers.

The popular XOVERLAND collection of adventure series was started in 2010 by Clay and Rachelle Croft with an exploration of North America and the mindset of “ordinary people doing extraordinary things.” Since then, the XOVERLAND team has journeyed through the jungles of Central America, traveled to Patagonia via South America, explored the Australian Outback, crossed the Nordic region and Iceland, traversed the Baja Peninsula and scouted the last frontier of Alaska.

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XOVERLAND is a global lifestyle brand dedicated to empowering others through education and inspiration to boldly explore the world. They do so because they believe that travel and exploration makes you a better person. The team of “ordinary people doing extraordinary things” serves a global community of outdoor enthusiasts and are dedicated to helping this community to safely, confidently and responsibly get into the outdoors.

XOVLERAND believes that overlanding is not just a journey, but a way of life, and you’re invited to join in on this incredible adventure. Together, let’s explore the world, discover new horizons, and become the best versions of ourselves.

Visit www.xoverland.com for more information, watch all content on XOVERLAND Network and follow the adventures on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.

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