The Cast, The Crew… Who We Are

Clay Croft
Clay CroftExpedition Lead, Cinematographer
Rachelle Croft
Rachelle CroftCrew Member, Rally Driver
Scott Cahill
Scott CahillCinematographer, Production Lead
Rhonda Cahill
Rhonda CahillCamp Chef, Rally Navigator
Jeff Downer
Jeff DownerCrew Member, Fleet Manager
Toby Johnston
Toby JohnstonCinematographer
Kurt Williams
Kurt WilliamsMechanic, Rally Driver
Ty Heaps
Ty HeapsCrew Member
Kyle Gunnarson
Kyle GunnarsonCrew Member
Steve Talacki
Steve TalackiCrew Member
Ryan Erickson
Ryan EricksonCrew Member
Zack Johnson
Zack JohnsonCinematographer
Zachary Collins
Zachary CollinsCrew Member
Jeff Gazy
Jeff GazyCrew Member


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