Junior Overlander

Snowpeak Spork


On our big trips, each crew member is issued their own spork and we apply this same rule to family trips. Not only do they have their own spork to keep track of, but they get to wash it after each meal as well! Lightweight, durable, and engineered [...]

Snowpeak Spork2019-11-22T08:17:26-07:00

5-in-1 Firestarter Kit


We believe kids should be equipped with basic age-appropriate survival skills and this firestarter kit is the perfect way to start introducing kids to this. It is fun for them to practice under adult supervision and an invaluable skill to add to their life! This 2-pack AOFAR 5-in-1 [...]

5-in-1 Firestarter Kit2019-11-22T08:21:30-07:00