Clay Eats Bugs, End of Story


Watch as Clay is dared to lick the mosquito covered front bumper of the 100 series Landcruser. Comments

Clay Eats Bugs, End of Story2019-07-30T19:15:16-06:00

The Toe


Listen while Jeff Downer tells the story behind the toe in the Sour Toe Cocktail. Comments

The Toe2019-07-30T19:15:16-06:00

Find The Sign


Watch as the Expedition Overland crew stops over in the Watson Lake Yukon Sign Post Forest. Find the sign and post your selfie on the Expedition Overland Facebook Page! Comments

Find The Sign2019-07-30T19:15:16-06:00

The Shining


One end of the Denali Highway is a little more appealing then the other. Comments

The Shining2019-07-30T19:15:17-06:00

Snap Pops Under The Toilet Seat


Never a dull moment on the trip.  Here are Toby and Scott attempting to play a little joke on the ladies. Comments

Snap Pops Under The Toilet Seat2019-07-30T19:15:17-06:00