Alaska/Yukon Series

The Dream, Episode 1


Expedition Overland embarks on their dream to see the Last Frontier: Alaska and the Yukon! Learn the history of the team and follow their preparations for the adventure of their lives. Comments

The Dream, Episode 12019-07-30T19:15:10-06:00

The Alcan Highway, Episode 2


The team hits the road and sets up camp for the first time. The history of the Alaska highway is addressed and the team has its first animal encounter! Comments

The Alcan Highway, Episode 22019-07-30T19:15:17-06:00

McCarthy Alaska, Episode 3


Watch as the team heads south into Alaska and hits the awesome town of McCarthy Alaska! Glaciers, mountains, great people, great food! It’s all here with a twist of humor! Comments

McCarthy Alaska, Episode 32019-07-30T19:15:18-06:00

Valdez Alaska, Episode 4


Watch as the crew leaves their trucks behind and heads out in the open waters of Valdez, Alaska, viewing the incredible glaciers, icebergs and sea life. Make sure to watch to the end... Comments

Valdez Alaska, Episode 42019-07-30T19:15:18-06:00

Jim Creek Alaska, Episode 5


The XO team pushes for an epic camp spot below a glacier.  Heavy vehicles, rivers, and navigation become challenges to the crew. The XO team must make some important decisions! Comments

Jim Creek Alaska, Episode 52019-07-30T19:15:18-06:00

The Alaskan Arctic, Episode 7


The crew makes a critical decision to make a hard push to the farthest north you can drive in North America: Deadhorse Alaska!  They celebrate the 4th of July at the end of the Elliot Highway in Manley hot springs and meet some great “local” [...]

The Alaskan Arctic, Episode 72019-07-30T19:15:19-06:00

The Change Over, Episode 8


The crew picks up returning expedition members, Ryan Erickson and Ty Heaps, and takes a few days to explore as the expedition goes through a major transition. The guys’ trip is about to begin! Comments

The Change Over, Episode 82019-07-30T19:15:19-06:00

Top of the World Highway, Episode 9


The guys’ trip is underway! They travel the Top of the World Highway from Chicken Alaska to the famous Dawson City Yukon in Canada. Lots of characters are found along the way as well as some history and little trouble. This trip is getting interesting! [...]

Top of the World Highway, Episode 92019-07-30T19:15:19-06:00

The Dempster, Episode 10


A breakdown has stranded the team as they begin the Dempster Highway in the Yukon. The guys must work together and overcome time crunches to maintain schedules. The road is dangerous and close calls are part of the experience. But the top of the [...]

The Dempster, Episode 102019-07-30T19:15:19-06:00

180 Degrees South, Episode 11


At the top of the world the crew continues their way back to Inuvik by boat, stopping at a whaling village and engaging in conversation with the locals. After their return they make a hard push down to Hyder, Alaska. Some 39 hours of drive [...]

180 Degrees South, Episode 112019-07-30T19:15:19-06:00