Central America Expedition

Back to the Land of Eagles and Apple Pie


For us, reaching the Darien Gap was the great ambition of our expedition, and now we’re all riding high with the success of reaching our goal. For those unfamiliar with the region, the Darien Gap is the only complete break in the Pan-American Highway. It’s about a hundred miles long and filled with absolute rugged [...]

Back to the Land of Eagles and Apple Pie2022-07-05T09:49:52-06:00

The Darien Gap


When we woke up super early today, you could see that we are all getting exhausted from our speed of travel. Today was the culmination of the last 2 months of travel; we made it to the Darien Gap! No matter how tired any of us were, it didnt matter because we were all so happy [...]

The Darien Gap2019-07-30T19:14:54-06:00

The Treasure Hunter


Last night we stayed at Dan's place. His house is made with two shipping containers arranged in a way that allows for lots of open air space. Dan began to tell us story after story of his crazy life and what has been occupying him more recently; having once bought and sold goods from the [...]

The Treasure Hunter2019-07-30T19:14:55-06:00

The Boat Ride


Last night Kurt made a deal with the boy that in the morning he would take all of us on his single propeller boat in exchange for fuel. After walking around the bend to their private bay and seeing his boat, we felt slightly better about getting a ride in their boat because it wasn't [...]

The Boat Ride2019-07-30T19:14:56-06:00

Southernmost Point


Last night we accomplished our last border crossing into Panama! We left this morning from David and our goal was to make it to the southernmost point of the North American continent. Ironically, we found out that the southern tip of Panama is not that location and the Panama canal is the separation point between [...]

Southernmost Point2019-07-30T19:14:56-06:00

The River


Yesterday was a full day packed with adventuring, so the relaxation of waking up on a beach on the southeast coast was so rewarding. We've been putting a lot of distance behind us and the only downside to moving this fast is that we all stink! We have been moving for quite a few days with no [...]

The River2019-07-30T19:14:57-06:00

The Unfinished Road


Last night we ran into some bridge issues that forced us to detour our route. The bridges we came across were either broken or unable to carry a full size vehicle. We were trying to access a highway that runs along the San Juan River. It was partially built by the Costa Rican government with plans [...]

The Unfinished Road2019-07-30T19:14:57-06:00

Local Farm


We woke up at a milk farm near Venado de San Carlos. After having breakfast and breaking down camp, the farm owners offered to show us their cheese making and livestock facility. How many times do you get a chance to slow down to enjoy someone else's way of life while traveling through other countries? [...]

Local Farm2019-07-30T19:14:57-06:00

Some Off-roading 


The landscape can change really drastically here in Costa Rica. From the super dry climate where everything looks like it could burn in a second to a thick rain forest triple layer canopy in only an hour of driving. We followed our guide, Adrian, to Arenal Volcano which is the number one tourist site in [...]

Some Off-roading 2019-07-30T19:14:57-06:00

A Cookout with New Friends


The border crossing this morning from Nicaragua to Costa Rica was really smooth. The farther south that we go the more we've noticed how the system of crossing borders becomes more streamlined, which is nice. We headed southwest to Playa Hermanos for the camp spot for the night. We were expecting guests tonight so Steve [...]

A Cookout with New Friends2019-07-30T19:14:58-06:00