Central America Series

South to the Border, Episode 1


The crew is back together to take on the next portion of the Pan-American Highway in this one hour season premiere of the Central America expedition! The crew prepares everything they’ll need for the trip, including outfitting their all-new Toyota 4Runners for the big journey ahead. 10,000 miles, 10 countries, 1 EPIC adventure!

South to the Border, Episode 12022-03-10T14:24:39-07:00

The Legendary Baja Part 1, Episode 2


The expedition crosses the Mexican border into the legendary Baja Peninsula! The guys meet up with their good friend Ted Moncure of Toyota’s Racing Development and take on part of the Baja 1000 racecourse as they get some pro tips on off road driving in the 4Runners.

The Legendary Baja Part 1, Episode 22022-03-10T14:24:58-07:00

Across Mainland, Episode 4


The Baja ferry takes the expedition across the Sea of Cortez to mainland Mexico. A big push is under way to get across Mexico and into the Yucatan Peninsula. Cool people, amazing history, Mayan temples and monkeys! Jeff might even find a wife in this episode.

Across Mainland, Episode 42022-03-10T14:25:35-07:00

The Legendary Baja Part 2, Episode 3


The Crew works their way further south into the Baja peninsula. They stop in to meet Ivan “The Ironman” Stewart while some of the guys are feeling a little under the weather before continuing on the adventure. The Southern point of Baja provides a cool place for the guys to get a dive in, but Kurt and Clay are about to have a sketchy situation.

The Legendary Baja Part 2, Episode 32022-03-10T14:25:18-07:00

Against the Odds, Episode 5


Expedition Overland makes its first international border crossing into Belize. Here an unfortunate accident brings about a random connection that no one on the crew saw coming.

Against the Odds, Episode 52022-03-10T14:25:52-07:00

Joint Mission, Episode 6


Expedition Overland joins up with Team 5 to head into the Mayan jungles of Guatemala. They hope to have an impact through combining resources and providing high-level medicine to remote villages in a forgotten area of the world.

Joint Mission, Episode 62022-03-10T14:26:11-07:00

Making A Dent, Episode 7


Expedition Overland continues the mission with Team 5 as they head back into the Mayan village to perform a life changing surgery on a little girl. The XO gals back in Montana leave for their second year of competition in the Rallye Aicha des Gazelles rally in Morocco, Africa.

Making A Dent, Episode 72022-03-10T14:26:30-07:00

New Headings, Episode 8


Expedition Overland encounters some less than desirable characters in El Salvador and decide to push on through Honduras to get into Nicaragua. The girls competing in the Rallye Aicha des Gazelles race are moving up the ranks as they conquer some very extreme terrain. However, everyone’s luck, in Central America and Africa is about to run out!

New Headings, Episode 82022-03-10T14:26:48-07:00

Endurance, Episode 9


The crew barely makes their way through the border into Nicaragua allowing the team to explore the back roads on active volcanoes, while the girls in Morocco face some serious challenges in the final stages of the rally.

Endurance, Episode 92022-03-10T14:27:13-07:00

Finding Limits, Episode 10


The expedition enters the anticipated country of Costa Rica where the guys hope to find some remote trails. They just might have found more than they bargained for!

Finding Limits, Episode 102022-03-10T14:27:32-07:00