We love to off-road and we often do in our personal time.

Typically, our adventures are on tight production schedules and each location requires film permits, so that leaves us slightly more limited. We also practice dedicated vehicle sympathy—since the reliability of our vehicles is imperative to our business, we take great efforts to keep them safe and sound. Our emphasis is on the adventure in the outdoors, however, it takes shape! There are other great channels out there with more off-road content and we encourage you to check them out.

We think this excerpt from Overland Journal sums up our approach to overlanding pretty accurately:

Overlanding describes self-reliant adventure travel to remote destinations where the journey is the primary goal. Typically, but not exclusively, accommodated by mechanized off-highway capable transport (from bicycles to trucks) where the principal form of lodging is camping; often lasting for extended lengths of time (months to years) and often spanning international boundaries. While expedition is defined as a journey with a purpose, overlanding sees the journey as the purpose.

Overlanding is about exploration, rather than conquering obstacles. While the roads and trails we travel might be rough or technically challenging, they are the means to an end, not the goal itself. The goal is to see and learn about our world, whether on a weekend trip 100 miles from home or a 10,000-mile expedition across another continent. The vehicle and equipment can be simple or extravagant—they, too, are simply means to an end. History, wildlife, culture, scenery, self-sufficiency—these are the rewards of overlanding.