Donavon Fredrickson, Jason Bontrager, Austin Bontrager

What started out as an idea on a hunting trip in New Zealand in 2019, morphed into an overland truck camper for any truck, any garage, and any trail. With years of RV experience under their belts, Jason Bontrager, SGC’s co-founder & CEO, and Donavon Frederickson, SGC’s co-founder/original camper builder were heavily involved in offroad and RV products from early ages.

Jason grew up working at his family’s RV manufacturing company in Indiana and Donavon as a diesel mechanic and at his family’s RV dealership in Montana. On the trip, as they discussed their mutual distaste for quality issues that plagued the modern RV, born was the idea to create their small truck accessory.

Donavon built the first one (pictured here in his barn in 2019). In late 2019, Jason visited Donavon to check on his progress and found the design to be quite the marvel. In 2020, Jason brought the camper back to Indiana and began building the team to begin spinning up the company to make this one-of-a-kind product.

From an overnight in your backyard with your kids to a trip around the world, this camper is built for almost any adventure.

Insta: @skinnyguycampers