EP29 | What Are You Taking on Your Next Trip?

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Episode Description

What is the best approach to packing for an overlanding trip or vehicle-based adventure of any kind? It may surprise you to learn that the first step is to have a conversation about desired outcomes and expectations.

This is just the first nugget of wisdom you will get from listening to this podcast featuring an in-depth look at best practices for packing for an overland trip by Expedition Overland founders, Clay and Rachelle Croft.

Overall packing strategy and universal items that accompany an overlander on any adventure are addressed here in detail.

Clay, Rachelle, and Jimmy also take a look at the value of morale-boosting items and meeting one’s needs while traveling however impractical some of these items may seem.

Join the conversation and find out how to pack your overlanding vehicle in a manner that will lead you to have both what you need and what you love most along for the ride!

Detailed Episode Summary

Part 1 (1:30-6:00) Intro and Clay Croft’s Strategy for Packing for a Vehicle-Based Adventure or Overlanding Trip: Clay explains his “three pillars” of Packing and Preparing for a trip: Environment, Purpose, Expected/Desired Outcome.

Part 2 (6:00-11:15) What you need to figure out with your partner, your team, or yourself before you begin to pack for an adventure: Rachelle and Clay explain the first step in packing for a trip: aligning the mindset of the trip’s participants. Whether you are going solo, with a partner, or with a team, the desired outcomes and expectations of the trip need to be figured out and agreed upon before you begin packing. (Check out this Expedition Overland video on team dynamics for more information on this subject!)

Part 3 (11:15-25:45) What are the core items to pack on an overlanding trip? Rachelle and Clay lay out their foundational items for any overlanding trip or vehicle-based adventure and how these items revolve around the universal necessities of Food, Shelter, Security, and Mobility. (Check out this Expedition Overland video on packing your overland vehicle for more information on this subject!)

Part 4 (25:45-33:10) Essential Items to Pack in Your Overland Galley/Kitchen: From the morale-boosting personal mug to the baselines for your galley, Rachelle, Clay, and Jimmy discuss what they like to pack to keep their overlanding kitchens well-equipped. (For more information on setting up an overland galley and camp kitchen, check out our blog on the subject!)

Part 5 (33:10-41:45) What Clothing to Pack for Your Overlanding or Vehicle-Based Adventure: Clay and Rachelle explain their strategy for adventure clothing, including how to use a layering system effectively and what the “always pack” items are in their kits. (To learn more about this topic, be sure to check out our blog on the subject!)

Part 6 (41:45-46:15) What do you need to pack to sleep well while overlanding? Clay and Rachelle cover the basics and the nuances of different types of sleeping bags, what kinds of bags they pack on their adventures, and why quality matters in this area. Sleeping pads, pillows, and the value of sleep are also discussed.

Part 7 (46:15-47:30) Applying what you learn as an overlander to your home life: Can what you learn as an overlander be applied to your house and home life? Clay, Rachelle, and Jimmy share thoughts on how the simplicity that comes with overlanding has helped them to become better organized at home.

Part 8 (47:30-52:27) How to figure out what not to bring on an overlanding trip: Clay and Rachelle explain the value of figuring out what you don’t need to pack on an overlanding trip or vehicle-based adventure and how experience, critical thinking, and reflection will lead you to a lighter, less cluttered vehicle packed with only what you need.

Part 9 (52:27-57:45) What non-essential items are worth packing on an adventure? Jimmy, Clay, and Rachelle explore items to pack on an overlanding trip often overlooked or seen as non-essential that, nonetheless, are of real value to some travelers. Items like journals, special pens to write in those journals, a favorite watch, or even a hair straightener, bottle of nail polish, or collection of art supplies are discussed for the value they can offer to enhance one’s experience while traveling.

Part 10 (57:45-End) The joy of having the overlanding gear you pack build character over time: Clay, Rachelle, and Jimmy discuss the joy that comes with having your overlanding vehicle packed with items that have a story behind them along with the benefits of leaving some room in your vehicle for things you might find along the way.

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