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There’s a lot of everyday tech-talk out there about Toyota’s all-new 2024 Tacoma Trailhunter but having put this new platform to the test in Montana’s rugged backcountry, Clay Croft joins the podcast for this unique episode to tell us about how it feels to drive it.

The Tacoma platform has a special place in XOVERLAND’S heart. Clay and the team have utilized the Tacoma since the very beginning and couldn’t be more excited about the all-new platform Toyota unveiled for the first time last year at Expo West. Purpose-built for the overlanding community, for Clay (and probably for many other enthusiasts), the Trailhunter grade is the most exciting development since the introduction of TRD (Toyota Racing Development). 

Given exclusive access to this new vehicle and the green light by Toyota Manufacturing to put it to the test, Clay, Rachelle, and the Team set out to drive this truck on the trail, in the dunes, in the snow, over the rocks, and all kinds of places in between. (Check out our new five-episode series, Trailhunter Special, recently launched on our YouTube Channel and on the XOVERLAND Network to see all of this caught on camera!)


Part 1 (0:40-4:43) Preserving the “Tacomaness” of the New Tacoma Trailhunter:  Clay and Jimmy sit down together to dive into Clay and the XOVERLAND team’s experience with the all-new 2024 Tacoma Trailhunter. Clay shares some of the background involving the engineering of Toyota’s new Tacoma platform and the thinking behind the Trailhunter grade.

Part 2 (4:43-13:54) Beyond the Specs:  Clay shares his impressions of DRIVING the new Tacoma Trailhunter:  Clay gets into what it was like to not just drive the new Tacoma Trailhunter, but to take on overlanding adventures XOVERLAND style! Here is where Toyota’s new AAP program (Associated Accessory Program) is explained as Clay shares the specifics of XOVERLAND’S own unique 2024 Tacoma Trailhunter overland build, including an induction cooking system; built-in OEM air compressor, and all-new large interior screen that shines for navigation when paired with OnX Offroad.

Part 3 (13:55-24:20) How do all of the new OEM Toyota Tacoma Trailhunter Overland Equipment work when put to the test?  Clay shares insight on how this new overland platform performed and provides some sneak peeks of XOVERLAND’s Trailhunter Special, an all-new series documenting the testing of this new truck in a variety of extreme conditions by the XOVERLAND team! Clay explains how the hybrid system works in the new Tacoma to produce instant acceleration and massive amounts of torque and takes a look at Toyota’s newly updated “Crawl-Control” system.

Part 4 (25:33-29:20) New Brakes, 1,700lb Payload, and Towing Capacity with the New Tacoma Platform:  The 2024 Tacoma has massive disc brakes front and rear–an advancement that has been desired by enthusiasts for a while now. Clay discusses the performance of these new brakes and how the new Tacoma handles its increased payload as well as how it tows.

Part 5 (29:21-32:15) Is the new 2024 Toyota Tacoma Trailhunter ready to go around the world? Jimmy wonders if the Tacoma Trailhunter is ready to go on an epic round-the-world trip as an OEM build right off the showroom floor. Clay gives his honest opinion in answering this question, looking at both the OEM Trailhunter build and how the Trailhunter can be further modified for extreme overland travel.

Part 6 (32:16-38:33) The Difference between “T.R.D.” Toyota Racing Development and “Trailhunter” in Toyota Trucks:  For many Toyota pickup buyers, understanding the fundamental differences between Toyota’s TRD grade and Trailhunter grade is critical to purchasing a vehicle that is best suited to their needs. Clay explains the differences and shares why he believes the Trailhunter grade is the biggest development to come along in Toyota trucks since TRD. Will the Trailhunter grade find its way into the Tundra? Land Cruiser? Sequoia? Clay shares his thoughts in responding to this question.

Part 7 (38:34-42:53) What is the future for Trailhunter and XOVERLAND? Probably like a lot of enthusiasts and XOVERLAND fans, Jimmy is wondering what the future holds for the new Tacoma Trailhunter with XOVERLAND? What does Clay have in mind when it comes to big, international overland adventures with this new platform? 

Part 8 (42:54-End) Clay & Jimmy discuss the new, raised air intake on the 2024 Tacoma Trailhunter:  Working together as a couple, functioning as a family, managing a team, filming a television series, running a business–and overlanding throughout Southern Africa? Many might wonder how Clay and Rachelle Croft can pull this off. Join our conversation here to find out how they do it. To “wrap” up the conversation, Clays shares some thoughts on his vision for a new XOVERLAND wrap for Trailhunter!

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