After checking out of the hotel, we did a vehicle reset to really approach the next few legs of the trip with our heads on straight. After navigating the crazy steep streets of Matagalpa, on purpose of course, we steered our crew to an ice cream shop. Here, we met up with the owner of the shop who happens to be a friend of Toby’s from Redding, CA. Ben and his wife, Shena, moved their family to Matagalpa a year ago to open up an ice-cream shop.  This place, called Bésame, has the best ice-cream for miles around and they make it right in their house.  It is so amazing!  Even more incredible is that the whole reason behind the move and the ice cream shop is to raise money to open an orphanage and impact the culture. It’s cool to see a young couple with three kids make a huge life change to make a difference in this beautiful country and the lives of its children. While eating ice cream, Steve and Kurt were able to talk to some English speaking locals about activities to hit up while in Leon. We then said our goodbyes and continued on to Leon where we found the best camping spot we could have asked for!