When coming from a background and mindset of light weight backpacking and mountaineering like many of us, there is a lot to learn about the advantages (you could say indulgences) of overlanding. The idea of overlanding is to see and enjoy locations and cultures as much as possible through the comfort and versatility offered by your vehicle.  It’s a change in pace from the more Spartan approach of backpacking, but enjoying new places this way is really beautiful.  Take today for example.  Waking up on the beach is always sweet, but our roof top tents make things so comfortable and we get such great sleep in them that the experience is just that much better.  We then packed up as usual and headed for Cabo San Lucas.  We arrived in the middle of a spring break crowd which meant finding a hotel was more trouble than expected.  There was no difficulty, however, in finding some really great food and a memorable night full of some good laughs. Could we do all this just backpacking?  Of course!  But for us, overlanding is a great avenue when we want to focus more energy on just soaking up the culture and locations and then being able to move on when we’re ready to the next adventure.