In contrast to yesterday’s unpleasant morning surprise, waking up on the beautiful Punta Final beach was absolutely perfect. We enjoyed a slow morning as we watched the locals try their luck at fishing.  Then, after breaking camp we made our way on the Mex 5 highway to take a pit stop in the middle of a really rocky road at Coco’s Corner.  At first glance you might throw this place in with the crazies and the wackos and never know it’s a place of Baja legend.  After walking around a bit we met the man behind it all, Coco.  After hearing about Coco’s view of the purpose of life, you understand his vision for his little welcome corner (which isn’t really a corner). Coco is always giving to whomever he can, however he can. Being a double amputee, he could complain about a lot but instead he chooses to keep giving with what he has.  It was so inspiring and you could see that he has encouraged thousands of people that have travelled on by. Coco’s Corner, like Mike’s place, is a staple to the Baja community and beyond.   After this unforgettable and humbling experience, we finished the day by camping near a salt mine in Guerros Negro in Baja Sur.