Today was a big day for the XO team. We woke up early and Kurt talked us through the protocol and order of border crossings with vehicles. He kept telling us to just remain patient and make light of the situation no matter how long it could take. To pass the time, Ty and Jeff went through a medical and security briefing for team safety. On the way down we were all so stoked for what felt like the true beginning of the expedition.

Coming up to the border we were prepared for whatever could happen, but fortunately it went as smooth as could be. Once inside we were all eager to get a real Mexican food, so we grabbed some quick fish tacos. They were delicious, but we were pretty dubious as to what was actually in the tacos.

With our stomachs in a questionable state we drove to Mike’s Sky Ranch, just outside of Trinidad Valley. Mike’s Sky Ranch is a gem for the Baja Racing community. The walls and ceilings of this haven are covered with business cards and photos as a testament to the countless visitors and legends that have made the trek to this very cool destination. The road there was some of the first off roading we’ve seen with the new rigs and we were super enthusiastic to see the new suspension system in action. So wicked!