Waking up and realizing we had just slept surrounded by ancient Mayan ruins was awesome! We took our time and enjoyed the scenery before going to explore and see some of the larger structures closer up. We came to an area where we could only see a  few mountains around us. At closer look we realized they weren’t mountains, but actually enormous structures covered in dirt and brush and trees. Our imaginations were running wild envisioning what the layout of this place must have looked like a thousand years ago. The largest structure looked perfect for climbing so we decided to check out the summit. It was only about 90 feet tall, but from the top you could see for miles and miles. For us, this was greatest caper we could have hoped for before we had to leave Mexico. After working our way out, we found a lovely camp spot in Chetumal, Mexico. After such a long trip with so much exploring, setting up camp showers were definitely at the top of the checklists!