Today signaled the midpoint of our adventure as it’s the day that Ty has to fly home. We had to start out the day by waking up early to ensure we had plenty of time to get Ty to his flight. After sending Ty off, his position was quickly filled with new blood, Steve Talaki. He is the newest member of the crew and has helped Expedition Overland on the sales side of things for the last 2 years. During the first half of our trip, we quickly realized many things that we needed and had forgotten to bring and also needed to replace broken or lost equipment. Steve arrived with many bags of goodies so we were able to patch up and feel ready to continue. Along with Steve came the Team 5 crew. Accompanying Eric, their founder,  is two other special military operatives, Griff and Keith. We are all pretty excited for the time we were going to spend with Team 5. Once the cars were packed full to the top with luggage, gear, and medical supplies we set off to Guatemala. It took us about 3 hours to cross the border and then we stopped at Lake Peten Itza for the night.