The morning seemed almost like every other morning except we are in Mexico and only a mile away from some 1000+ year old Mayan ruins! We made our way to the Palenque ruins about the same time that hundreds of bussed-in tourist arrived. Since we didn’t feel too keen to the idea of sharing that experience with our cameras, we encountered a locally grown guy that wanted to take us into the thick jungle to show us un-excavated ruins. We jumped at the opportunity and followed him blindly up steep jungle mountains until he brought us to some ruins that were barely visible through the vegetation . Even though they weren’t fully exposed and we didn’t fully understood what we were looking at, it was so amazing to see them in this condition. Like a bunch of kids, we put on our adventure pants on and crawled into the thousand year old passage ways. After sweating out all our clothes we went back into the actual excavated Palenque ruins and saw a glimpse of how beautiful the buildings were in their prime. But at the end of the day, it’s still amazing how not much is known about the disappearance of the Mayans. The ruins they left behind are unforgettable!