We woke up at a milk farm near Venado de San Carlos. After having breakfast and breaking down camp, the farm owners offered to show us their cheese making and livestock facility. How many times do you get a chance to slow down to enjoy someone else’s way of life while traveling through other countries?  After exploring the family’s premises, the father showed us his historic trophy collection from racing top rate horses that he breeds. We wished we could speak better Spanish to hear all his stories. Then he began to tell us how he met Will Smith when he was filming the movie After Earth. The director had used caves that were on our new friend’s property. This just keeps getting better, so we went exploring for the cave but came to find a beautiful clear water hole in this jungle. When your local guide decides to jump in, obviously, so do you. It was an awesome experience with an awesome family. There are truly, genuinely kind-hearted people everywhere, and we love it when we find them!