Today we woke up on a beach near San Felipe to a noxious stench. After exploring a bit we found a dead dolphin 50 feet from our camp. What luck.   To make matters worse, Kurt and Clay were NOT happy campers because of something they ate.  Not even that could change our plans for the day of meeting with the legendary Ivan “Ironman” Stewart. Stewart is arguably one the most well-known off-road racers, especially for the Baja races.

For those of you who don’t know, the Baja 1000 is a 30-40 hour race with no stops and all extreme driving! Stewart has raced for Toyota since the 80’s and still plays a major role in the Toyota Baja team. During that time, he has participated in the Baja races around 35 times with victories in 17 Baja 500’s and 3 in Baja 1000’s. Like we said: LEGEND!!

Sadly, Kurt and Clay  didn’t get to really soak up the moment like the rest of us did.  It was pretty funny to see them physically unable to enjoy their time talking with Stewart, in between running to the bathroom with the “traveling trots” and shooting the meeting. Much too soon we had to wrap things up and then headed out to a campsite that Stewart recommended…after getting a few signatures of course.