After a super cold night where we all got to know our bunk mates a little better, we woke to a bright, crisp morning.  We were psyched for the day because our close friend Ted Moncure, the head designer for TRD, was driving down to hang out and show us the ropes.  For folks who don’t know, Ted was the first place winner last year for the Stock Class in the Baja 1000 and was generous enough to lend us his expertise.  We scored plenty of sick shots of the vehicles gettin’ dirty as he guided us through sections of the Baja course!

We took a break for lunch where we had the strange and pleasant surprise of meeting Santa Clause.  No joke!  He had business cards and everything.  Once our bellies were topped off, we spent the rest of the afternoon tearing out more dirt on other lengths of the course.   For dinner we took the recommendations of a few friends and hit up a classy Mexican restaurant overlooking San Felipe Bay.  The team was running on high octane after an awesome day of off-roading.