We woke up with loads of excitement and nervousness because today we were going scuba diving. For most of the team it would be there first dive. Clay and Kurt were the only ones with a scuba license. We arrived at the scuba shop and received our gear and a super quick video on the do’s and don’ts of scuba diving….which left most of us with tons of uncertainty and questions, but we proceeded onward to the boat and out to the scuba spot. The dive master went through more checklists and we took the plunge. There were two dive places, first with us newbies and second Clay and Kurt’s more advanced dive. While waiting for the “pro’s” we had the privilege of seeing three humpback whales swim right past us!!! It was the best thing ever! Our guide told us that this never happens. This was a huge plus for the ones waiting in the boat. We left Cabo with a great experience. We traveled along the Mex 1 on the south eastern coast of Baja and ended up in a random resort for cheap in Buena Vista with the best PiƱa Coladas.