The landscape can change really drastically here in Costa Rica. From the super dry climate where everything looks like it could burn in a second to a thick rain forest triple layer canopy in only an hour of driving. We followed our guide, Adrian, to Arenal Volcano which is the number one tourist site in Costa Rica. We wouldn’t be doing any tourist things though. We arrived and ate a hearty lunch of PB&J’s then set off. Our trail took us through some really challenging terrain to arrive at the most beautiful little chapel and meditation spots with a view of a tranquil little ponds followed by the huge volcano. The private trail up definitely gave the team a few challenges and was only possible because of the connections of our new friend Adrian. Most people don’t get to come this high up on the mountain because of regulations but we sure are glad we trudged all the way and nothing went wrong. It was such a Jurassic Park looking scenario to reach the view.