We woke up under a fragrant rain forest canopy to the staff at the Finca making us banana pancakes in their dining area. They were amazing! We cruised back down the river towards the village and Team 5 prepped for a surgery. A young 8-year-old girl had a mass about the size of a softball on her back. Keith and Eric removed the mass while Griff and Jeff aided in the procedure.

Without this surgery, the girl would have normally lived with the mass for the rest of her life. It’s very cool to think that just by stepping out and using the recourses we have we can impact a girl or a family or a village for a lifetime. We are so gifted to be able to travel to remote places and team up with foundations like Team 5 to bring an impact while still finding adventure.

Once a few more patients were seen  the team loaded up and we left to cover some ground heading towards the border to El Salvador. It was an awesome time in the village, but every adventure must come to an end.