We broke down camp as Clay, Scott and Toby did interviews of our new crew members from Team 5: Eric, Griff, and Keith.  Eric is the founder of Team 5 and he is using his and other team members skill sets to bring medical aid to high risk areas in the world. He has served in a plethora of different areas in our military as well as for the New York and Los Vegas Police departments. He specialized in paramedic rescue for special operation missions. Griff is a large advocate for bringing aid to areas that would have never been reached. This is his first mission with Team 5, but he’s not new to medical operations by any means. He was an officer in the Rangers and served extensively in the war in the Middle East. Griff’s personal company, Combat FlipFlops, is his effort to boost the economy and bring stability back to the people in Afghanistan and families that have been destroyed there. Keith has a long and over-qualified background, but still he makes it a point to take top rate medical aid where not many dare to venture. He is a plastic surgeon and has served extensively for our country as a top operative. It is truly an honor to be able to spend this time with men that have fought for our country to such great lengths!

Once the interviews were finished and the trucks ready to go, we traveled to Rio Dulce to pick up our translator.  This next leg of the trip will take us deep into the jungle where we need a Mayan translator who is also serving as our guide to the next destination.