Last night Kurt made a deal with the boy that in the morning he would take all of us on his single propeller boat in exchange for fuel. After walking around the bend to their private bay and seeing his boat, we felt slightly better about getting a ride in their boat because it wasn’t that bad. We were all filled with the thrill of adventure and of the momentous occasion which was about to happen. It felt like we were in a really cool adventure series that just kept getting better! When the boat had brought our crew to the southernmost point,  XO had finally completed the North American Continent. All the way from Purdue Bay, Alaska, to here. Clay personally was overwhelmed with joy for this accomplishment; a life long dream fulfilled. To each team member it meant something different. These are the things you can write home about. Once we landed our sea-ready vessel, we settled up with our boat guides and packed up camp. We were off to meet our new guide in Panama City who will take us to the Darien Gap.