When we woke up super early today, you could see that we are all getting exhausted from our speed of travel. Today was the culmination of the last 2 months of travel; we made it to the Darien Gap! No matter how tired any of us were, it didnt matter because we were all so happy to have made it into the Darien. The trip down had multiple, heavily guarded police check points. Our translator and guide, Dan, was a pro at finding and speaking with the highest official there and communicating our plans. Last time Kurt was headed into the Darien, he was turned around because of the high threat of military action against the drug smugglers. So this time having Dan was a plus because he knew the right people in Yaviza to make our trip there possible. Our arrival into Yaviza, the last town before the Darien Gap, was highly entertaining for all of the villagers. It was a strange feeling being in the middle of a world of turmoil but still noticing the positive atmosphere of the people. Not knowing if we could trust anyone, Jeff and Kyle stood guard while the rest explored. Clay and Dan made contact with the Yaviza general who gave us a place to stay for the night that involved 24 hour guards and a 8 foot tall barbed wire fence. We sat around camp talking about all the places and stories that accumulated over the last two months. We had accomplished the most challenging mission to date for Expedition Overland.