Our vehicles are now packed full of food for the time we were going to spend in the Yucatan and we have made our way to the small town of Palenque to find our new camping abode. “The Galley” is where Kyle run’s business. The key to keeping things rolling in the galley during the expedition is organization; and drawer systems make it easy to keep things in order. The  drawer systems we’re running on this trip are from Adventure Trailers and have been modified to store almost all cooking supplies and dried goods for our trip. Cooking outdoors is so wonderful wherever you are, but having a good cooking system wherever you go camping takes it to the next level!

We’ve set up camp and are looking forward to interacting more with the locals tonight when we get a chance…maybe get the inside scoop on some local history and folklore. The people here are incredibly kind and hospitable and the country is beautiful.  The nice weather doesn’t hurt either. We’re excited to get back on the road tomorrow as the next stretch is looking to be an increasingly beautiful drive!