The day started with us boarding our ferry to the island of Ometepe this morning at 6am. We didn’t really have a lot of information on the island and just wanted to explore and hope that something cool came out of it. We talked to a few tourists and locals who helped plot out our course for the day. After checking out some pretty notable petroglyphs that have been found on the island we found a cozy cove where we could eat lunch right on the lake. It was nice being able to stop and put up the Eezi-Awn awnings really easily. ¬†On the hot days it makes all the difference. After filling up on egg salad sandwiches, we continued around the island. Our eyes were looking forward to getting to ride some rough roads to a beautiful waterfall, but with it being dry season in Central America the lack of water makes it less appealing. It was a cool and very relaxing island, but after stopping a few more places we caught our sunset ferry ride back to the main land where we cooked up some killer fajitas.