Last night we stayed at Dan’s place. His house is made with two shipping containers arranged in a way that allows for lots of open air space. Dan began to tell us story after story of his crazy life and what has been occupying him more recently; having once bought and sold goods from the Darien Gap to now treasure hunting on the eastern coast of Panama. His history with the military brought him to Panama and he enjoys it so much he hasn’t wanted to leave yet. He showed us some of his real Spanish silver coins along with the story of how and when the coins were first lost. We can’t believe we are hanging out with a real treasure hunter! With all this history of treasure hunting, he brought us to the fort in Portobello which withstood many attacks from legendary pirates like Captain Drake and Captain Morgan. Dan also found the cannon that is featured in the picture above. In order to¬†find this rare, Spanish bronze cannon, he had to read tons of old ship logs and code out where these places actually were. Dan was proud if this particular find and because of him donating it, the local museum was able to have such a rare artifact. We spent the rest of the afternoon fighting off the lust for treasure as we hunted in Nobre De Dios. Luckily, we didn’t find anything of value, because if we did we probably would have gone crazy trying to find more treasure and more gold. Oh, the life of a treasure hunter.