Our camp spot was located high up in the Belizean mountains, so waking up was really refreshing for us Montana boys. The air was crisp and not muggy like the ocean air can be. We enjoyed dirt roads to the 1000 foot waterfall with just the two Tacoma 4Runners. The 4Runners ride so smooth and comfortably it’s easy to enjoy the road, not mentioning how they have become desired vehicles for the long road days. At the waterfalls the grounds crew only wanted was our signatures to view the falls, an easy payment. The falls were beautiful! You can’t see the entire 1000 feet of the falls from the lookout but the scenery of the steep mountain sides are what add to its grandness. The plan for the rest of the day was to make the drive to Belize City to catch the fairy to the Caye Caulker Island. As a team we were barely successful to catch the last fairy by 2 minutes. Once on the fairy we were able to relax and pretty excited for the island time and the day to relax if possible.